Monday, March 2, 2015

Transferred to Miyazaki

Well!!!! I'm no longer in Nago. It was quite a struggle to call all the members and say goodbye. Especially since that on the day we got our calls, we set a baptismal date with K. Leaving Nago when we have 3 baptismal dates and the other elders have 2 is really hard. Not because of the numbers but because of the people and the love you have put behind it. But now I am in Miyazaki and its quite a huge city compared with Nago. Its massive. Endless things to do. I have no idea what to do with it mostly since its been only my first week. I'm training again. Elder Davies. I'm with a transfer 2 missionary. Its slightly rough because he has no idea really what was going on with any of the investigators and appointments since he is so new. So its just stabbing in the dark right now. I'm also District Leader for Miyazaki and Miyakonojo. Its really interesting. Looking back on training with Knighton, I was super lucky to have a bean like him. Also I was very lucky to have a companion like Elder Olsen who understood things and we could teach well in unity. Now I have to train all over and think of what I need to say and then think of things the bean can say. The poor guy, he beats himself with the language and dendo. I look back and he is a lot of what I used to be like in the beginning. Well, some things that I used to do. 

Anyways, Monday,

We had one great lesson with S. Y. He was awesome!!!!! He said that he was going to pray to know if God exists. He really wants to know. Sad to see him off. I had a pretty rough feeling that I would leave him.

Tuesday we set a baptismal date with K. We said "would you want to have this happiness through baptism?" She said yes and we told her about a date and she went and wrote it on her calendar saying "what time would be best?" She is a great woman. SO very kind and hopefully she can be baptized on april 4th.

We went and dendoed after that. Set up some appointments for Sat and Friday.

Then we got our transfer calls. That ruined the mood for the night. I wanted to stay and continue the work Elder Olsen and I worked so hard to set up. But I know the Lord needs Olsen there and me somewhere else.

Wednesday we got to meet C. We reexplained baptism to her. She said that the feeling of wanting to get baptized is growing and growing. She also said she came to church on Sunday but was scared and walked away from the front door! Ahhhhhhhhh so close. Hopefully she came this past week.

Then we met M for a little bit then egawa one last time. K came to the church to say goodbye to me. T came too. I finished all my things and I headed to Okinawa city.

Thursday was all traveling. I got to Miyazaki at 6ish. then we went out to eat with the Branch President at 7. The BP is an American! He is so cool. The branch has about 60-80 people in it. So weird to have a big area and more people in our branch.

Friday planning and off to go dendo and visit a less active named I. We got there and she got a letter from her boyfriend's lawyer saying that she was a stalker. She was crying and saying how it was such a bad time for us to visit. But then we testified how Christ knows all her feelings and knows what she is going through. Not only that but he loves her. She said thank you and she said come back a different day.

We dendoed basically all Friday and Saturday. It was a little rough without Olsen. I don't know how to add my bean into the contacts. I would start to translate for him and say, what would you want to say to this? He would just say, I don't know, you take it. hmmmm.

The branch is super cool! I tried to memorize as many names as possible before Sunday and tried to talk to a lot of the members. The branch is hilarious. Very organized. Very warm. Its a really good place.

One thing that did happen is that we had a lesson with a man they have a baptismal date with. His name is N. Mid 40s. Little bit eccentric but a really good guy. He reads everything you give him and he wants to be baptized because he wants to be happy. His date is for the 14th so we need to get through the lessons. I can't really tell you the whole details mostly because I'm not quite sure myself.

We had a meal with members in which we invited that I shimai. She had a blast and kicked it off with the members. She wants to go again and she asked anytime we have a meal, she wants to go. yeah :)

That's all I can really say right now. I hope I can say more next week.

Love Elder J

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