Monday, May 25, 2015

Exact obedience brings blessings

So my new comp is Hunsaker. I don't know if you know this name but apparently it's pretty common in Utah. He is a really good kid. Really quiet. His trainer was a transfer 3 missionary so I'm basically in training again. He is transfer 2. Everyone thinks he is like 14 years old. He is 5 foot flat and is just so cute. Everyone asks how old he is. They treat him like a child. I had this guy ask me if I wanted to drink beer I said no and he turned to Hunsaker and looked at him. Then just didn't even ask him. He walked away. But he is an overall good kid. I like him. But he is super silent. But if I ask him to testify or to teach, man he knows his stuff.

This past week week was spent finishing last minute things for Kikuchi. He wanted to say goodbye to a lot of people of course but in that process we were able to build better relationships with members
and less actives. A couple of weeks ago we talked about a member who just straight up told us not to come again. But we randomly visited her and were able to talk to her for a bit. Eventually it lead to her coming to see Kikuchi on Thursday and then coming to church on Sunday to talk to the branch president during church. It was awesome.

Other members trust us more now and we spend more time planing with them to help the ward and our investigators. I feel like they are starting to warm up to dendo. Well they were before but now it feels like it's starting to come together.

Thursday Crawford choro and I dendoed while we waited for the other elders to come. It was really good. We had 3 lessons overall to go to: H, N and one of their investigators all of which have
baptismal dates. The lesson with H went really well. We talked about tithing and she said she would pay it. But later that day apparently her son came to her house and talked to her a bit and she freaked out thinking if she pays tithing and joins this church her son would disown her. She also has a concern that she can't pay the whole tithe. So she called us telling that she wants to take a break for a bit.

N is doing good. Still in the hospital. We can visit every oncein a while. He was happy on Thursday but upset on Friday. So the two lessons were really opposite. We are trying to figure out what he
needs. But for now we are prepping him to answer the baptismal questions.

On Saturday we went to visit Y. She was the lady who's son tired to commit suicide a while back. It's so weird. The thing has calmed down a bit and now she is kinda being hard to teach. She says she wants to have all the blessings of the gospel. But she isn't willing to try the things we ask. I tried talking it out with her but she would just bring up excuses. One by one we took them down and it is sometimes so interesting how some people choose things. Even though there are all these promises and feelings of the Spirit, they choose not to change because they don't like change or they don't want to take a step in the unknown. I understand the latter is one of faith. But I don't understand why people wouldn't want to take the steps if the promises are so great.

Anyways we had a good day and we had Sunday. Great day. Izumi shimai came. S came. K came. S said that she changed to not wanting baptism to saying that she will receive it one day. So we challenged her to pray if she should get baptized on the 20th of June. She said she would. We will send her scriptures and read with her so she can find an answer. She said she hasn't felt the Spirit in a while but when she was at church last week, she said she felt it again.

Throughout the day we saw some cool miracle. It truly pays to make a detailed plan and to trust the plan to be able to meet Gods prepared children. We were exactly obedient to our time and met this guy who lived in America and was fluent in English. He gave us his number and we will meet him next Sunday. We met a former investigator on the street and he said he wanted to continue. This couples car was broken down and we helped them push it into the parking lot. This man brought
us back to his house and eventually said yes for us coming back. All of these were because we were exactly on time to where we needed to be and if we were a moment later or if we decided to change, we would have never met them. The Lord works through being exact and specific. If we do things in a vague manner, the result will be different. You get what you put in.
This Elder just came off Miyako. We are having a blast talking about it!

The gospel lifts you up

Man this week was pretty crazy. We went on junkai with the elders in Miyakonojo on Tuesday. It was good to be with some of the elders there since I've known them since the beginning of my mission. We worked hard and talked to many people. One great thing that happened is that I was able to do the baptismal interview for the shimai investigator named T. She is doing great, passed the interview, and knows so much about the gospel.

Wednesday we had a lunch with H. She took us out to a buffet. Great place. We talked about the word of wisdom and she said she would follow it. Later we just dendoed hard and started to set up for eikaiwa. H sure can talk. She can talk about anything from a or z. But when she talks about the gospel it is amazing.

Thursday we had a lesson with S. What a wonderful lesson! We just talked about the application of the gospel can do for you. Rather than weighing you down, it lifts you up and allows you to pull through your trials. She loved he lesson and there was something light about her after the lesson.

Friday we taught H again. Man she can talk. We got through half of the plan of salvation and she brought up word of wisdom again. She had a hard time to understand why it was given but the members did a great job explaining it and she said she is okay with it now. We will have to meet with her more often to help her get to her date. She did bring up some points that led to the fact we need to focus on the Spirit and teach her what that is.

Later we visited Y. He isn't ding well. Let's just say he will probably be dropped.

Saturday was great. We did some service for a member and it was really great to help him. He is like 94 years old and can't do much for himself. After we went and visited N in the hospital. He recently went in but he is in there so that he can find some rest. He will probably make it to his baptismal date. Later we were waiting for K at the church,  A man that we had met a week before came to the church to talk with us. It freaked us out. But at the same time K came to the church. So we had the member teach K about repentance and we taught the the first lesson to the man. He really liked it.

Sunday was the baptism of T. I was able to perform the baptism. It took 5 times because she was wearing a temple dress instead of a baptismal dress. She stepped in the font and her dress spread out like a Lilly pad. I thought at that moment.... Oh no this is going to be hard. It went well. Six investigators came to church and enjoyed it. Later K asked if he could be baptized as well. N had a great experience and said she wanted to be baptized too. Things are looking great. S said too that baptism is a lot more simple than what she thought. She is thinking about it too. The work here in Miyazaki is great!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

This work is amazing!

So this is something that happened this week we had a lot of fun and found some cool investigators.

Monday we went to Y and  talk to her about prayer. She was really happy to learn about prayer and she said she would try to pray. Other than that we dendo really hard and we met some really cool people.

On Tuesday we went to district meeting and came home we talked to a lot of old people and some young families because it was a national holiday. We were able to meet N and meet his dad. We got
permission to teach him the gospel. Over all it was a normal day packed with lots of dendo. The last contact was sooooo long we talked to this guy on the street for over an hour. We asked him if we could
talk to him on a different day but he said he wanted to talk at that moment. He was a Protestant by birth and had lots to talk about.

Wednesday we had some cool miracles. We stopped to talk to Na. It was about 2 months ago since we have really been able to talk tohim. He said he was busy so we left. We contacted this 17 year old boy named K. He was awesome. He wanted to learn how his family can become eternal. Right after the contact, Na called us and told us to come over. So we went and set us another baptismal date with him. 6/6.

Thursday. We had a lesson with S again. She really opened up and said, I don't have a job now and I don't have any money. I don't think now is the time to study religion. Isn't that the best time? Don't you need help the most when you are struggling? That's exactly what we taught her and the lesson went well.

Later we went to visit a potential and everything fell through. I don't know why. But we rounded our shoulders and took the blow. We had 4 appointments that fell through.

We learned why on Friday. Amazing day. We met his lady named H. She is Protestant. Hasn't been baptized and wanted to know what the difference between her church and ours. We mentioned prophets and she freaked out. She said she wanted to learn more. Later that day we met this man on the street who is the prefectures main person for the study of religion. He wanted to study the Book of Mormon and see what it had to say.

Saturday, we go to visit H. She had read the entire Book of Mormon in one day. She loved it. Said it was so easy to understand compared to the bible. And she loved how it just testified of Christ. She
accepted a baptismal date for 6/20. She said she would come to church as well.

Sunday. H came to church! She had a great time and she is looking good. I'm so glad that the lord truly leads this work. I know we couldn't have done it by ourselves.

Funny thing is we met another guy who is Protestant on the street. He said that he has interest and will come to church next week. This work is amazing!

My morning breakfast

Monday, May 4, 2015

It Was Glorious

Hey family and friends this week was awesome I got sun-burnt a lot and currently my nose is peeling. We had two days this week where we were outside a lot and doing things with the ward. It was supper fun but my face and neck aren't saying so.

Monday we went and tried talking to Y about his baptismal date. He is still having problems with smoking, which we were able to set a plan with him on Friday of how he can quit.

On Tuesday we had Juneau with the zone leaders. I went with elder Vance. It was really good! We worked super hard and found some great areas to dendo in. One cool miracle was that we went to go teach I's, our new investigator, and I had written his room number down wrong. But for some reason we felt that we needed to knock on the next door. And it turns out to be him. We taught him a good lesson on prayer and introduced baptism.

Wednesday we had a stake meet and did a bunch of games and races. It was super fun and we were able to build better relationship with the members. Overall Miyazaki branch won! It was a great turn out over all and it was a great to bond with people that weren't members.

Thursday we had some appointments fall through and we just dendoed the rest of the time. We got rained on hard. It's starting to rain a lot again so we are going to go through our shoes really quick.

Friday was a really good day. We were able to still get 2 member present lessons and 2 other lessons. One with Y and one with M, an investigator from Miyakonojo. The shimai asked us to go visit her in the hospital. It went super good. She has this problem with an eternal yawn. But as we were teaching her the yawns went away. Later we had a lesson with K. We showed the first vision  and it went super well. He said he blocked the other religions phone calls. So he can be baptized soon. Then lastly we had a lesson with I. He has no idea about religion and it took him a long time to understand that God is our loving Heavenly Father. But when he did it was glorious.

Saturday we had a bbq and it was fantastic. So many less actives and investigators came. Our friend from Syria came too. He had a great time and now half of the ward knows him pretty well. Things are looking good. But My comp may have broken his finger and we went to the hospital to get it checked out. We were late by two minutes and they people wouldn't take us in. Just nothing felt good for the rest of the day and yesterday too he was in the mood of I don't care I go home in 3 weeks. It's not a good felling to be in but I'm going to try hard to change it or at least help him get through the next 3 weeks.

Sunday he was still kinda of a bad mood. He broke his bike tire spoke and has a rental bike. I have offered to switch him bikes. On good news, S came to church. An amazing meeting. One of the best ones I have been to. It was amazing.

We dendoed the rest of the day and tried to work hard. Things seem slightly strained right now but I'm doing good.