Monday, May 25, 2015

Exact obedience brings blessings

So my new comp is Hunsaker. I don't know if you know this name but apparently it's pretty common in Utah. He is a really good kid. Really quiet. His trainer was a transfer 3 missionary so I'm basically in training again. He is transfer 2. Everyone thinks he is like 14 years old. He is 5 foot flat and is just so cute. Everyone asks how old he is. They treat him like a child. I had this guy ask me if I wanted to drink beer I said no and he turned to Hunsaker and looked at him. Then just didn't even ask him. He walked away. But he is an overall good kid. I like him. But he is super silent. But if I ask him to testify or to teach, man he knows his stuff.

This past week week was spent finishing last minute things for Kikuchi. He wanted to say goodbye to a lot of people of course but in that process we were able to build better relationships with members
and less actives. A couple of weeks ago we talked about a member who just straight up told us not to come again. But we randomly visited her and were able to talk to her for a bit. Eventually it lead to her coming to see Kikuchi on Thursday and then coming to church on Sunday to talk to the branch president during church. It was awesome.

Other members trust us more now and we spend more time planing with them to help the ward and our investigators. I feel like they are starting to warm up to dendo. Well they were before but now it feels like it's starting to come together.

Thursday Crawford choro and I dendoed while we waited for the other elders to come. It was really good. We had 3 lessons overall to go to: H, N and one of their investigators all of which have
baptismal dates. The lesson with H went really well. We talked about tithing and she said she would pay it. But later that day apparently her son came to her house and talked to her a bit and she freaked out thinking if she pays tithing and joins this church her son would disown her. She also has a concern that she can't pay the whole tithe. So she called us telling that she wants to take a break for a bit.

N is doing good. Still in the hospital. We can visit every oncein a while. He was happy on Thursday but upset on Friday. So the two lessons were really opposite. We are trying to figure out what he
needs. But for now we are prepping him to answer the baptismal questions.

On Saturday we went to visit Y. She was the lady who's son tired to commit suicide a while back. It's so weird. The thing has calmed down a bit and now she is kinda being hard to teach. She says she wants to have all the blessings of the gospel. But she isn't willing to try the things we ask. I tried talking it out with her but she would just bring up excuses. One by one we took them down and it is sometimes so interesting how some people choose things. Even though there are all these promises and feelings of the Spirit, they choose not to change because they don't like change or they don't want to take a step in the unknown. I understand the latter is one of faith. But I don't understand why people wouldn't want to take the steps if the promises are so great.

Anyways we had a good day and we had Sunday. Great day. Izumi shimai came. S came. K came. S said that she changed to not wanting baptism to saying that she will receive it one day. So we challenged her to pray if she should get baptized on the 20th of June. She said she would. We will send her scriptures and read with her so she can find an answer. She said she hasn't felt the Spirit in a while but when she was at church last week, she said she felt it again.

Throughout the day we saw some cool miracle. It truly pays to make a detailed plan and to trust the plan to be able to meet Gods prepared children. We were exactly obedient to our time and met this guy who lived in America and was fluent in English. He gave us his number and we will meet him next Sunday. We met a former investigator on the street and he said he wanted to continue. This couples car was broken down and we helped them push it into the parking lot. This man brought
us back to his house and eventually said yes for us coming back. All of these were because we were exactly on time to where we needed to be and if we were a moment later or if we decided to change, we would have never met them. The Lord works through being exact and specific. If we do things in a vague manner, the result will be different. You get what you put in.
This Elder just came off Miyako. We are having a blast talking about it!

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