Monday, May 25, 2015

The gospel lifts you up

Man this week was pretty crazy. We went on junkai with the elders in Miyakonojo on Tuesday. It was good to be with some of the elders there since I've known them since the beginning of my mission. We worked hard and talked to many people. One great thing that happened is that I was able to do the baptismal interview for the shimai investigator named T. She is doing great, passed the interview, and knows so much about the gospel.

Wednesday we had a lunch with H. She took us out to a buffet. Great place. We talked about the word of wisdom and she said she would follow it. Later we just dendoed hard and started to set up for eikaiwa. H sure can talk. She can talk about anything from a or z. But when she talks about the gospel it is amazing.

Thursday we had a lesson with S. What a wonderful lesson! We just talked about the application of the gospel can do for you. Rather than weighing you down, it lifts you up and allows you to pull through your trials. She loved he lesson and there was something light about her after the lesson.

Friday we taught H again. Man she can talk. We got through half of the plan of salvation and she brought up word of wisdom again. She had a hard time to understand why it was given but the members did a great job explaining it and she said she is okay with it now. We will have to meet with her more often to help her get to her date. She did bring up some points that led to the fact we need to focus on the Spirit and teach her what that is.

Later we visited Y. He isn't ding well. Let's just say he will probably be dropped.

Saturday was great. We did some service for a member and it was really great to help him. He is like 94 years old and can't do much for himself. After we went and visited N in the hospital. He recently went in but he is in there so that he can find some rest. He will probably make it to his baptismal date. Later we were waiting for K at the church,  A man that we had met a week before came to the church to talk with us. It freaked us out. But at the same time K came to the church. So we had the member teach K about repentance and we taught the the first lesson to the man. He really liked it.

Sunday was the baptism of T. I was able to perform the baptism. It took 5 times because she was wearing a temple dress instead of a baptismal dress. She stepped in the font and her dress spread out like a Lilly pad. I thought at that moment.... Oh no this is going to be hard. It went well. Six investigators came to church and enjoyed it. Later K asked if he could be baptized as well. N had a great experience and said she wanted to be baptized too. Things are looking great. S said too that baptism is a lot more simple than what she thought. She is thinking about it too. The work here in Miyazaki is great!


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