Tuesday, May 12, 2015

This work is amazing!

So this is something that happened this week we had a lot of fun and found some cool investigators.

Monday we went to Y and  talk to her about prayer. She was really happy to learn about prayer and she said she would try to pray. Other than that we dendo really hard and we met some really cool people.

On Tuesday we went to district meeting and came home we talked to a lot of old people and some young families because it was a national holiday. We were able to meet N and meet his dad. We got
permission to teach him the gospel. Over all it was a normal day packed with lots of dendo. The last contact was sooooo long we talked to this guy on the street for over an hour. We asked him if we could
talk to him on a different day but he said he wanted to talk at that moment. He was a Protestant by birth and had lots to talk about.

Wednesday we had some cool miracles. We stopped to talk to Na. It was about 2 months ago since we have really been able to talk tohim. He said he was busy so we left. We contacted this 17 year old boy named K. He was awesome. He wanted to learn how his family can become eternal. Right after the contact, Na called us and told us to come over. So we went and set us another baptismal date with him. 6/6.

Thursday. We had a lesson with S again. She really opened up and said, I don't have a job now and I don't have any money. I don't think now is the time to study religion. Isn't that the best time? Don't you need help the most when you are struggling? That's exactly what we taught her and the lesson went well.

Later we went to visit a potential and everything fell through. I don't know why. But we rounded our shoulders and took the blow. We had 4 appointments that fell through.

We learned why on Friday. Amazing day. We met his lady named H. She is Protestant. Hasn't been baptized and wanted to know what the difference between her church and ours. We mentioned prophets and she freaked out. She said she wanted to learn more. Later that day we met this man on the street who is the prefectures main person for the study of religion. He wanted to study the Book of Mormon and see what it had to say.

Saturday, we go to visit H. She had read the entire Book of Mormon in one day. She loved it. Said it was so easy to understand compared to the bible. And she loved how it just testified of Christ. She
accepted a baptismal date for 6/20. She said she would come to church as well.

Sunday. H came to church! She had a great time and she is looking good. I'm so glad that the lord truly leads this work. I know we couldn't have done it by ourselves.

Funny thing is we met another guy who is Protestant on the street. He said that he has interest and will come to church next week. This work is amazing!

My morning breakfast

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