Saturday, July 27, 2013

How infinite God's Wisdom is!

Soooooo yep I didn't feel like a lot of things really happened this week. For some reason I had some pent up frustration that I couldn't relieve. I feel like that impeded me from learning or at least progressing. I hate going to a meeting and then one by one we HAVE to share something we learn. Sometimes, we don't learn something amazing or have some insight that will cure cancer. But yet we always do it and its really stress inducing because I prefer to say something when I am prompted that I need to say something. A forced testimony is not a real testimony. And some people are better than others at diction. I mean, I would say that I have a great diction but still, sometimes it just isn't enough.

So I was getting down on myself because I over heard how the shimaitachi were saying how one guy is going to be the next prophet. The stinking shimaitachi gave us all futures. And I hate that because they don't know who any of us really are. anyways. Phew. I was getting down on myself because I felt like when I would bear my testimony, it would be a little kid saying that the church is true or something along the lines of that. But when others would express their testimonies, it would be some apostolic message about the restoration and if anyone heard it they would be instantly translated. So on Monday night I was trying to find something that I could be my best at and I found that was making others happy. I mean come to think of it, my happiness is contingent on the happiness of others. So all I prayed for that night was the welfare for all the people in my district. I found as I blessed each one I would say "oh man I just love this person so much." By the end of it I had this urge to ask for the blessing of "If there is anyone in the district that needs me tomorrow, please let me help them."

So I went through the day and I was unusually happy and had an increased ability to hold conversations. I was just thinking, "man this is a fantastic day". But as the day went on I totally forgot about the blessing had I asked for. At the end of the day, as everyone was packing up, one of the shimai walked by and passed me a note. I had no idea what it was for. But written inside it said "Jameson choro, You may never know why or what you did today, but you were an ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS. Thank you for being receptive of the Spirit and continue being wonderful." I sat there in complete wonder. I have no idea what I did that day to make her feel that way. I reviewed my day over and over and I recalled everything I said to her and I just couldn't figure it out. I wrote her a note back explaining the situation I explained earlier, and said along with that "And now we see the power of our loving Heavenly Father. Not only did he answer our prayers, but he did it in one sweep. Oh how infinite God's wisdom is."

How Infinite God's wisdom is! That he set me in this district so that I could comfort her. Not only that, but I have slowly realized how many spirits I have been raising. I maybe haven't been put in this district to proclaim the gospel to a higher degree, or to show how much of a linguist I am (which is false because I have no vocab. Give me the words though... And I can bring all the kids to the yard waiting to watch Disney on ice) But maybe I'm here to be answers to prayers, to learn the healers art, to show these people that God actually does love them.

Monday I found myself on a set of stairs talking to my district leader because he was having problems. Out of all the elders in the district, he came to me. Why? I have no idea. I keep finding myself in situations where people are coming to me to tell me their problems. Why is it always me? I have seen this common pattern all throughout my life but it is just amplified. I have no idea. But my way is not the Lords way. His way is higher than my way. His knowledge is infinite and eternal. mine is finite and linear. I can't see now why I have been picked to have these things happen to me but hopefully I will know soon.

Tell my friends to keep love coming. Yeah lots of love for everyone and keep it up my dear friends! It all starts with faith and then things will start to change. I promise that because I see it everyday.

Jameson 長老

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Overcoming Pride

I memorized the first vision. I can't say much in Japanese but at least I can say this. Anyways here it is

Watashi wa jibun no maue ni taiyou kagayaki nimo masatte kagayaite iru hirari no hashira o mita. Soshite, sono hikari no hashira wa shidai ni orite kite, hikari wa tsui ni watashi ni furisosoida. soshite sono hikari ga watashi no ue ni todomatta toki, watashi wa hisshi ni tsukushigatai kagayaki to eiko o motsu futari no okata no watashi no ue no kuuchuu ni tatte orareru no o mita. suru to, sono uchi no ohitokata ga watashi ni katarikake, watashi no na o yobi, betsu no okata o sashite "kore wa watashi no aisuru ko de aru. kare ni kikinasai' to iwareta.

Have fun.

Um this week Has been really interesting as there has been something that has been pressing my mind all week. I was reading in the Psalm of Nephi, and I was wondering why this great guy was being so hard on himself. Like why would someone great be so depressed about his sins, which are little to none.

Back track a little bit. Everyday I have been asking in my prayers if I could be made more humble and be teachable. On Sunday night before I went to bed (right after watching the Testaments in Japanese: wow crazy stuff Korihor is one bad sounding dude in Japanese) I asked what do I need to do to become the best I can. The next day it hit me like a brick wall. I found myself in chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel looking up about being humble. I mean I joke around and make it seem like I'm good, but in honesty, I know I suck compared to other people. But something told me to look up pride on I found a talk titled "Beware of Pride." It was given in 1989. Even though it was old, it still rocked my socks. I didn't realize the depth pride roots itself. I always thought it was like shunning the poor and scriptural things along those lines. But its more than that. I realized that pride is the cause of all sin. Look at anytime the Nephites were blessed, and then it would say "but the pride of the church". I mean I've known the pride cycle since I was a kid but it didn't really take root until recently. I didn't realize that all of the simple judgments I make or all of the things I say was being prideful. Everyone has pride. It is the universal sin. And the sad thing is that most people do it in ignorance. As was the case for me. And it just sucks because pride creates a stumbling block for all those who are interested in the church, because the pride of some are stopping them from joining this great cause.

On a happier note, the guys have grown closer to me. Thurman Choro said that I am the only one he has opened up to. Ho choro said that I'm his family and his best friend here. The communication between the Elders is open and free. We rejoice in the gospel together. During dinner we talk about how boss Moroni is and how cool a particular scripture was. That thing where dad told me to ask the people I knew to highlight their favorite scripture in the BOM, yeah so I did that and now the district is doing it. In our discussions in class, I can see when we are using the same words when we try to comfort each other. It makes me extremely happy because even though we aren't truly missionaries yet (because sitting in a class all day doesn't really count) I can still do missionary work with other elders. I mean our purpose is to bring others unto Christ. We can always help and build each other.

I have realized how great this gospel is and I'm sad that I didn't realize to this extent earlier. The scriptures are truly the word of God and anyone who reads them daily will become closer with Christ and God. Anyone who reads the Book of Mormon and says that it isn't true and that it is a dull text is either not being honest or hasn't read it with a true heart. Reading it everyday has opened my eyes and brought me nearer to my Heavenly Father.

I love you all and I love to read your letters.
Andrew, Dylan, Sarah, keep your love coming.

As for some of my other friends who are neglecting me (aka, Sam, Big Mike, Kelly, Derrick, Madeline Hansen) get to writing me! I miss you guys a lot and it's sad I can't see you but it's worse I cant hear form you.

Lots of love,

Jameson Choro
Roger Choro (Jarom's companion)

Anderson Shimai, a friend from BYU who just left to Nagoya!

Jaorm's district

I have nothing to say about this one

Sunday, July 14, 2013

One in Purpose


(NOTE: I asked Jarom about his days and if he was working out. This was his reply.) I'm extremely busy. I just study... study.... eat. study... eat. and yeah that cycle repeats over and over again. I do work out and have gained 7 pounds already, but i think it is because building a bunch of muscle and sitting all day. My DL and I Thursday did a set of like 300 push ups. I'm still sore today. I play basketball and volleyball. I run if I'm really stressed..... I mean like I just straight up sprint a mile and things like that. Again its really hard being in a very tiny room with 14 other people. I love them and I love being around them, but sometimes I need some time to myself.

As for the book of Mormon challenge (NOTE: We are trying to read the Book of Mormon, across 3 continents, as a family), I haven't really started it yet because I'm in the middle of Alma right now. It is taking me an hour to read 3 chapters but you should see the color in those chapters. It's like a kid's coloring book. I had to go buy this pencil that has like 8 colors in it. But I'm really enjoying myself right now and I don't know how to just switch over. I was just learning about the atonement. But it is crazy what happens when you actually take time and try to figure out the story line. Like in the 3rd chapter in 1st Nephi, If you think about it, it is actually a hilarious situation when they cast lots. Try to image these huge boys/men drawing straws or playing rock paper scissors and it falling on Laban and him just sighing. Or like when Alma and Almulek were in the jail and they broke the walls down. The whole town is like "man what was that noise?" "I don't know lets go find out." And they get there and there are just two naked guys (because their clothes are torn) standing in some rubble and everyone else in the rubble is dead. They all just start to run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Now I'm not just getting the humor out of the stories. I mean it is pretty funny when Ammon, without warning, just randomly casts stones and starts killing people. It is bad to think about of it that way but seriously, he just tells the others to stand around the sheep, and he just starts killing people. But then later when the King tells him he will do anything he asks, I can just see Ammon smiling in his head and saying booya or something along those lines. Because in the following verses it says something like "now Ammon being wise, but harmless" he saw that he had the opportunity to teach about the gospel and in a sense he knew it was going to be a great success because he was teaching the King. When you teach a king and they convert, the whole place changes. But the thing to remember about this is later Ammon is talking about how happy he was that they converted all of these people, and then Arron said something along the lines of "Ammon I fear that you are lifting yourself up in pride." But Ammon responds and says something like how it was the Lord who has done all of these things and how his flesh is weak. It is crazy to read the pslam of Nephi and for him to feel like his sin is unbearable. Like this guy is the prophet of the Lord and he is getting depressed about his tiny sins. I think to myself right now. Hmmmm I'm in the MTC. The only sin right now I could think of is being distracted by girls (and frankly its hard not to when girls outnumber the guys... and they are all just amazing.) Anywho. I have to realize that that is a terrible sin in the sense that this is the Lords time, I am his mouthpiece and I need to be dedicated to his work. I don't have any right to allow my mind to wander on such tiny things.

I enjoy getting Dear elders. I just like to read how people are doing (especially Andrew, Sarah and Dylan. Keep up those letters because it is hard to live my life without knowing about yours.) I'm glad that Andrew is going to be with me here at the MTC for a month. But I love the guys here and I said to them, before I went to bed one day, that I'm really grateful that they are in my district and I feel like I have met them all at some point in my life. But what really brings us together is the fact we are one in purpose and we know why we are here. They all work really hard and we apparently are receiving praise. Like teachers come in to our room to see what we are all about.

Anyways I cant upload photos because MTC computers are slow. I've tried for like 30 minutes to upload them.

Um real quick my roommates, yes my doryo is in the same room as me but the other two are from another district. One is 20 and the other is 18. its funny that one waited and one didn't. But these kids are exactly like me and Roger choro. We have crazy talks at night and its fantastic.

I have like a minute left so I thank everyone for writing me and keep sending your love!


Jameson Choro.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Focus on the things we can change


I love it when I receive dear elders from people! Just tell my friends on facebook to do it just to tell me what is going on in their life. I really enjoy being able to hear from people.

So my companion Is Roger choro. He is a lively red headed Texan that is extremely out going. I love him but I always lose him. I'm the senior companion because my name comes before his. He is an extremely hard worker and he is accelerating at the language. I suck really bad and it is getting me down. I have had a few rough days this past week but I have received some help from a guy in my district Ho choro, I also was able to talk to Anderson Shimai about it. Magic and I found each other at a devotional because he is on the extra campus for the MTC. I just started crying when I found him because I was so stressed. He said Just worry about what you do know and the rest will come. Roger choro said that we can only focus on things we can change. So why not focus on making our day a great day?

900 missionaries came in on the same day as me. Crazy! There are 14 people in my district. We have a very cramped room and it is hot all the time. Random thing.... SO we won’t have backpacks anymore. They said it is unprofessional. So we are getting bags of some sort with Ipads.

I have no extra time at all. My stuff is placed in the room so I can grab it with easy access. My roommates are from a different district but they are really cool.

The week has gone by fast and the language frustrates the heck out of me. I actually receive a lot of comfort when I receive letters so keep them coming.

So 3 people in my district, I knew before coming to the MTC. Bush Shimai was my freshman mentor, Walton Choro was in my music 101 class, and Babcock Shimai lived 30 feet away from me at BYU. Funny enough, Babcock Shimai is a mutual friend of Andrew and I (speaking of which tell that punk to email me and send me dear elders. also tell him that Lacee Babcock is in my district, he would get a kick out of that.

So cool fact, they don’t really teach grammar all that well in the MTC. So one day all the people were complaining about how they didn't understand about verb conjugation. So I taught them for an hour how to conjugate verbs. It was really cool. But my vocab sucks. Like I know how to write it or say it but I don’t know what to put into it. I have already taught 5 lessons in Japanese. I have 10 more lessons I think this week. It is really easy for my companion and me to teach the lessons. He knows the words and I know the grammar. We can put a great lesson together quickly. Apparently our lessons are going well because we talk to others about how we do, and the others are having difficulty explaining things and answering questions. Then I realized that teaching swim lessons for all those years have helped me explain something so complicated and make it easy for them. I have been extremely blessed with the talents and challenges I face. These things has prepared me to serve, I just now need to know the language and the gospel more. The district I feel likes me, or at least my laugh. Some of them say it’s contagious. There was a night where a senkyoshi in my district went around and told everyone something that helped the district, and when he got to me, he grouped me and my doryo together. We bring the light hearted feeling to the room. But you have to keep in mind the difference between light heart and light mind. And we make sure that it doesn’t get out of control. My doryo is hilarious and I’m goofy. They said every time they see me I have this puppy dog smile on my face and it makes them feel better. I’m glad I can be remembered as the person that makes others days better. I mean that is why I’m serving a mission. I want to make others feel better and have them feel love. That is probably the thing I am best at doing. And it is my favorite thing to do. I love seeing others smile even if it means me being weird and they are shaking their heads.

I love my district and my Doryo. We lift each other up and we get together well. They say that it’s like we knew each other before we even got here.

I don’t have to wear my suit coat every day. I usually wear short sleeves but I still sweat a lot. It is so hot and so many people. One thing I hate about the influx of missionaries is how crowded it is. But that is something to rejoice about. Anyways I have used almost all of my time on the computer already. I have to go.

I have been writing every day in my journal and it is an interesting experience.

Anyways, I love you lots and miss you all. Can’t wait to hear from you.

Jameson Choro

Week 1 - MTC


So I don't have much time. Our temple session ran over late today and I have just a few moments to say hey to everyone. I have some good stuff to report already. But one thing I will mention is how hard this stinking language is. I'm extremely frustrated and it increases when everyone says it will come. But everything takes time. But Until then expect the best.
My companion is Roger Choro. He is a guy from Texas and he is very outgoing. I have more to talk about him later.

My district is a lot of fun and we all work hard together. I'll talk about them next week as well.

I have seen a ton of people from my ward. 

I'm grateful for the food but it is always cold. I eat dinner at 4:10 and I feel like an old man. We literally don't eat for 12 hours but other people at the MTC get to eat at like 6 and 7.

I enjoy the MTC but it is hot all the time. 

I love receiving your letters and love! keep them coming!

Lots of love,