Sunday, July 14, 2013

One in Purpose


(NOTE: I asked Jarom about his days and if he was working out. This was his reply.) I'm extremely busy. I just study... study.... eat. study... eat. and yeah that cycle repeats over and over again. I do work out and have gained 7 pounds already, but i think it is because building a bunch of muscle and sitting all day. My DL and I Thursday did a set of like 300 push ups. I'm still sore today. I play basketball and volleyball. I run if I'm really stressed..... I mean like I just straight up sprint a mile and things like that. Again its really hard being in a very tiny room with 14 other people. I love them and I love being around them, but sometimes I need some time to myself.

As for the book of Mormon challenge (NOTE: We are trying to read the Book of Mormon, across 3 continents, as a family), I haven't really started it yet because I'm in the middle of Alma right now. It is taking me an hour to read 3 chapters but you should see the color in those chapters. It's like a kid's coloring book. I had to go buy this pencil that has like 8 colors in it. But I'm really enjoying myself right now and I don't know how to just switch over. I was just learning about the atonement. But it is crazy what happens when you actually take time and try to figure out the story line. Like in the 3rd chapter in 1st Nephi, If you think about it, it is actually a hilarious situation when they cast lots. Try to image these huge boys/men drawing straws or playing rock paper scissors and it falling on Laban and him just sighing. Or like when Alma and Almulek were in the jail and they broke the walls down. The whole town is like "man what was that noise?" "I don't know lets go find out." And they get there and there are just two naked guys (because their clothes are torn) standing in some rubble and everyone else in the rubble is dead. They all just start to run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Now I'm not just getting the humor out of the stories. I mean it is pretty funny when Ammon, without warning, just randomly casts stones and starts killing people. It is bad to think about of it that way but seriously, he just tells the others to stand around the sheep, and he just starts killing people. But then later when the King tells him he will do anything he asks, I can just see Ammon smiling in his head and saying booya or something along those lines. Because in the following verses it says something like "now Ammon being wise, but harmless" he saw that he had the opportunity to teach about the gospel and in a sense he knew it was going to be a great success because he was teaching the King. When you teach a king and they convert, the whole place changes. But the thing to remember about this is later Ammon is talking about how happy he was that they converted all of these people, and then Arron said something along the lines of "Ammon I fear that you are lifting yourself up in pride." But Ammon responds and says something like how it was the Lord who has done all of these things and how his flesh is weak. It is crazy to read the pslam of Nephi and for him to feel like his sin is unbearable. Like this guy is the prophet of the Lord and he is getting depressed about his tiny sins. I think to myself right now. Hmmmm I'm in the MTC. The only sin right now I could think of is being distracted by girls (and frankly its hard not to when girls outnumber the guys... and they are all just amazing.) Anywho. I have to realize that that is a terrible sin in the sense that this is the Lords time, I am his mouthpiece and I need to be dedicated to his work. I don't have any right to allow my mind to wander on such tiny things.

I enjoy getting Dear elders. I just like to read how people are doing (especially Andrew, Sarah and Dylan. Keep up those letters because it is hard to live my life without knowing about yours.) I'm glad that Andrew is going to be with me here at the MTC for a month. But I love the guys here and I said to them, before I went to bed one day, that I'm really grateful that they are in my district and I feel like I have met them all at some point in my life. But what really brings us together is the fact we are one in purpose and we know why we are here. They all work really hard and we apparently are receiving praise. Like teachers come in to our room to see what we are all about.

Anyways I cant upload photos because MTC computers are slow. I've tried for like 30 minutes to upload them.

Um real quick my roommates, yes my doryo is in the same room as me but the other two are from another district. One is 20 and the other is 18. its funny that one waited and one didn't. But these kids are exactly like me and Roger choro. We have crazy talks at night and its fantastic.

I have like a minute left so I thank everyone for writing me and keep sending your love!


Jameson Choro.

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