Saturday, July 20, 2013

Overcoming Pride

I memorized the first vision. I can't say much in Japanese but at least I can say this. Anyways here it is

Watashi wa jibun no maue ni taiyou kagayaki nimo masatte kagayaite iru hirari no hashira o mita. Soshite, sono hikari no hashira wa shidai ni orite kite, hikari wa tsui ni watashi ni furisosoida. soshite sono hikari ga watashi no ue ni todomatta toki, watashi wa hisshi ni tsukushigatai kagayaki to eiko o motsu futari no okata no watashi no ue no kuuchuu ni tatte orareru no o mita. suru to, sono uchi no ohitokata ga watashi ni katarikake, watashi no na o yobi, betsu no okata o sashite "kore wa watashi no aisuru ko de aru. kare ni kikinasai' to iwareta.

Have fun.

Um this week Has been really interesting as there has been something that has been pressing my mind all week. I was reading in the Psalm of Nephi, and I was wondering why this great guy was being so hard on himself. Like why would someone great be so depressed about his sins, which are little to none.

Back track a little bit. Everyday I have been asking in my prayers if I could be made more humble and be teachable. On Sunday night before I went to bed (right after watching the Testaments in Japanese: wow crazy stuff Korihor is one bad sounding dude in Japanese) I asked what do I need to do to become the best I can. The next day it hit me like a brick wall. I found myself in chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel looking up about being humble. I mean I joke around and make it seem like I'm good, but in honesty, I know I suck compared to other people. But something told me to look up pride on I found a talk titled "Beware of Pride." It was given in 1989. Even though it was old, it still rocked my socks. I didn't realize the depth pride roots itself. I always thought it was like shunning the poor and scriptural things along those lines. But its more than that. I realized that pride is the cause of all sin. Look at anytime the Nephites were blessed, and then it would say "but the pride of the church". I mean I've known the pride cycle since I was a kid but it didn't really take root until recently. I didn't realize that all of the simple judgments I make or all of the things I say was being prideful. Everyone has pride. It is the universal sin. And the sad thing is that most people do it in ignorance. As was the case for me. And it just sucks because pride creates a stumbling block for all those who are interested in the church, because the pride of some are stopping them from joining this great cause.

On a happier note, the guys have grown closer to me. Thurman Choro said that I am the only one he has opened up to. Ho choro said that I'm his family and his best friend here. The communication between the Elders is open and free. We rejoice in the gospel together. During dinner we talk about how boss Moroni is and how cool a particular scripture was. That thing where dad told me to ask the people I knew to highlight their favorite scripture in the BOM, yeah so I did that and now the district is doing it. In our discussions in class, I can see when we are using the same words when we try to comfort each other. It makes me extremely happy because even though we aren't truly missionaries yet (because sitting in a class all day doesn't really count) I can still do missionary work with other elders. I mean our purpose is to bring others unto Christ. We can always help and build each other.

I have realized how great this gospel is and I'm sad that I didn't realize to this extent earlier. The scriptures are truly the word of God and anyone who reads them daily will become closer with Christ and God. Anyone who reads the Book of Mormon and says that it isn't true and that it is a dull text is either not being honest or hasn't read it with a true heart. Reading it everyday has opened my eyes and brought me nearer to my Heavenly Father.

I love you all and I love to read your letters.
Andrew, Dylan, Sarah, keep your love coming.

As for some of my other friends who are neglecting me (aka, Sam, Big Mike, Kelly, Derrick, Madeline Hansen) get to writing me! I miss you guys a lot and it's sad I can't see you but it's worse I cant hear form you.

Lots of love,

Jameson Choro
Roger Choro (Jarom's companion)

Anderson Shimai, a friend from BYU who just left to Nagoya!

Jaorm's district

I have nothing to say about this one

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