Saturday, July 6, 2013

Focus on the things we can change


I love it when I receive dear elders from people! Just tell my friends on facebook to do it just to tell me what is going on in their life. I really enjoy being able to hear from people.

So my companion Is Roger choro. He is a lively red headed Texan that is extremely out going. I love him but I always lose him. I'm the senior companion because my name comes before his. He is an extremely hard worker and he is accelerating at the language. I suck really bad and it is getting me down. I have had a few rough days this past week but I have received some help from a guy in my district Ho choro, I also was able to talk to Anderson Shimai about it. Magic and I found each other at a devotional because he is on the extra campus for the MTC. I just started crying when I found him because I was so stressed. He said Just worry about what you do know and the rest will come. Roger choro said that we can only focus on things we can change. So why not focus on making our day a great day?

900 missionaries came in on the same day as me. Crazy! There are 14 people in my district. We have a very cramped room and it is hot all the time. Random thing.... SO we won’t have backpacks anymore. They said it is unprofessional. So we are getting bags of some sort with Ipads.

I have no extra time at all. My stuff is placed in the room so I can grab it with easy access. My roommates are from a different district but they are really cool.

The week has gone by fast and the language frustrates the heck out of me. I actually receive a lot of comfort when I receive letters so keep them coming.

So 3 people in my district, I knew before coming to the MTC. Bush Shimai was my freshman mentor, Walton Choro was in my music 101 class, and Babcock Shimai lived 30 feet away from me at BYU. Funny enough, Babcock Shimai is a mutual friend of Andrew and I (speaking of which tell that punk to email me and send me dear elders. also tell him that Lacee Babcock is in my district, he would get a kick out of that.

So cool fact, they don’t really teach grammar all that well in the MTC. So one day all the people were complaining about how they didn't understand about verb conjugation. So I taught them for an hour how to conjugate verbs. It was really cool. But my vocab sucks. Like I know how to write it or say it but I don’t know what to put into it. I have already taught 5 lessons in Japanese. I have 10 more lessons I think this week. It is really easy for my companion and me to teach the lessons. He knows the words and I know the grammar. We can put a great lesson together quickly. Apparently our lessons are going well because we talk to others about how we do, and the others are having difficulty explaining things and answering questions. Then I realized that teaching swim lessons for all those years have helped me explain something so complicated and make it easy for them. I have been extremely blessed with the talents and challenges I face. These things has prepared me to serve, I just now need to know the language and the gospel more. The district I feel likes me, or at least my laugh. Some of them say it’s contagious. There was a night where a senkyoshi in my district went around and told everyone something that helped the district, and when he got to me, he grouped me and my doryo together. We bring the light hearted feeling to the room. But you have to keep in mind the difference between light heart and light mind. And we make sure that it doesn’t get out of control. My doryo is hilarious and I’m goofy. They said every time they see me I have this puppy dog smile on my face and it makes them feel better. I’m glad I can be remembered as the person that makes others days better. I mean that is why I’m serving a mission. I want to make others feel better and have them feel love. That is probably the thing I am best at doing. And it is my favorite thing to do. I love seeing others smile even if it means me being weird and they are shaking their heads.

I love my district and my Doryo. We lift each other up and we get together well. They say that it’s like we knew each other before we even got here.

I don’t have to wear my suit coat every day. I usually wear short sleeves but I still sweat a lot. It is so hot and so many people. One thing I hate about the influx of missionaries is how crowded it is. But that is something to rejoice about. Anyways I have used almost all of my time on the computer already. I have to go.

I have been writing every day in my journal and it is an interesting experience.

Anyways, I love you lots and miss you all. Can’t wait to hear from you.

Jameson Choro

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