Saturday, July 27, 2013

How infinite God's Wisdom is!

Soooooo yep I didn't feel like a lot of things really happened this week. For some reason I had some pent up frustration that I couldn't relieve. I feel like that impeded me from learning or at least progressing. I hate going to a meeting and then one by one we HAVE to share something we learn. Sometimes, we don't learn something amazing or have some insight that will cure cancer. But yet we always do it and its really stress inducing because I prefer to say something when I am prompted that I need to say something. A forced testimony is not a real testimony. And some people are better than others at diction. I mean, I would say that I have a great diction but still, sometimes it just isn't enough.

So I was getting down on myself because I over heard how the shimaitachi were saying how one guy is going to be the next prophet. The stinking shimaitachi gave us all futures. And I hate that because they don't know who any of us really are. anyways. Phew. I was getting down on myself because I felt like when I would bear my testimony, it would be a little kid saying that the church is true or something along the lines of that. But when others would express their testimonies, it would be some apostolic message about the restoration and if anyone heard it they would be instantly translated. So on Monday night I was trying to find something that I could be my best at and I found that was making others happy. I mean come to think of it, my happiness is contingent on the happiness of others. So all I prayed for that night was the welfare for all the people in my district. I found as I blessed each one I would say "oh man I just love this person so much." By the end of it I had this urge to ask for the blessing of "If there is anyone in the district that needs me tomorrow, please let me help them."

So I went through the day and I was unusually happy and had an increased ability to hold conversations. I was just thinking, "man this is a fantastic day". But as the day went on I totally forgot about the blessing had I asked for. At the end of the day, as everyone was packing up, one of the shimai walked by and passed me a note. I had no idea what it was for. But written inside it said "Jameson choro, You may never know why or what you did today, but you were an ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS. Thank you for being receptive of the Spirit and continue being wonderful." I sat there in complete wonder. I have no idea what I did that day to make her feel that way. I reviewed my day over and over and I recalled everything I said to her and I just couldn't figure it out. I wrote her a note back explaining the situation I explained earlier, and said along with that "And now we see the power of our loving Heavenly Father. Not only did he answer our prayers, but he did it in one sweep. Oh how infinite God's wisdom is."

How Infinite God's wisdom is! That he set me in this district so that I could comfort her. Not only that, but I have slowly realized how many spirits I have been raising. I maybe haven't been put in this district to proclaim the gospel to a higher degree, or to show how much of a linguist I am (which is false because I have no vocab. Give me the words though... And I can bring all the kids to the yard waiting to watch Disney on ice) But maybe I'm here to be answers to prayers, to learn the healers art, to show these people that God actually does love them.

Monday I found myself on a set of stairs talking to my district leader because he was having problems. Out of all the elders in the district, he came to me. Why? I have no idea. I keep finding myself in situations where people are coming to me to tell me their problems. Why is it always me? I have seen this common pattern all throughout my life but it is just amplified. I have no idea. But my way is not the Lords way. His way is higher than my way. His knowledge is infinite and eternal. mine is finite and linear. I can't see now why I have been picked to have these things happen to me but hopefully I will know soon.

Tell my friends to keep love coming. Yeah lots of love for everyone and keep it up my dear friends! It all starts with faith and then things will start to change. I promise that because I see it everyday.

Jameson 長老

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