Saturday, August 3, 2013

The virtue of patience


So yes I did see Andrew on Wednesday and I also saw Eric. It was great to see them! よかった!

Here is what I learned this week. I thought I wasn't going to learn really anything this week because I was really tired. Since I was tired, I couldn't focus all that well. But on Friday I sat down and studied part of PMG in the section of Christ like attributes. This week I decided to study patience. But first let me tell you a story.

I have mentioned multiple times about how my district is always receiving compliments? Like our teachers said we were the city of Enoch compared to other districts. I know for a fact that went straight to some of their heads. Don't they realize how blessed we are to be in this district? I wrote in my journal last night, don't boast, But if you boast, boast in God and his power and mercy. Because if it wasn't for him, we would be nothing, this district would be awful. He wants something done with this district and it is because of Him that we were put together. (refer this to Alma 26)

Anyways some kid from another district said something about his district being awesome and then one of the peeps in my district said "oh yeah? well we are the city of Enoch." Thank goodness my doryo heard it. He stood up and said "oh no my head is so big I cant walk anymore" and then falls on the ground. Point made and taken. ;)

With regards to this story, patience is a virtue that is always needed. It is a virtue that is always forgotten. How many times do we talk about faith, hope, and charity? A ton! And yet somehow patience is forgotten. But in reality, patience is the back bone to enduring to the end. Without patience we anger quickly, sin more, and judge others. Again it is so frequently missed, you never remember seeing it in the scriptures. But a lot of scriptures that talk about faith is coupled with patience. Faith and patience. Diligence and patience. Pray for patience. I mean look at James 1:5. How many times as church members have we read that? A million I swear.

But how many times do we read James 1:3 & 4? (3 Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. 4 But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.) This talks about how the trying of your faith is trying your patience. Later in James 1, it talks more about patience. Wow! Who knew patience is so important? Well I do now. But here is the thing, we don't only have to be patient with things, and other people.... but we need to be patient with ourselves. The more we study, the more we come closer to Christ, the more we find our imperfections. The more you are morbidly disgusted with yourself. You start to loose patience with yourself because of your wrong doings. "why can't I be better? Why can't I get this right? I am just a failure. I cant do anything right." This is where patience is key.

But what is important to remember about with losing patience with yourself... is that you are also losing patience with the lord. He is directing your every movement. Take a step back and look at your life. Every moment you lived prepares you for the moment you are currently in, and the current moment you are in now is going to help a moment later in the future. How can we lose patience with ourselves now when we must realize that this struggle we are in now is preparing us for eternity? How can we reject the guiding love of our Heavenly Father? Why is my doryo so much better at Japanese than me and because of that he dominates the lessons? I don't know. Maybe it is for him to learn how to teach and for me to learn the language. Why do I sit in class and hear all about how a mission is so difficult? I know this process is extremely difficult. But yet again what great work is easy? The reason this missionary work is so difficult... why it is so hard to bring people to know their redeemer and savior... is because it was never easy for Him.

He did the hardest thing on earth out of pure love. Have I branded Him in my heart as much as how I have scarred his hands and feet? Do I work to help others come unto salvation as hard as He worked to take upon our sins? No. Saving people has never been easy and will never be easy. It is a complete change of person and of heart.

So it must needs be that we continue to press forward with patience because he who has patience will inherit the kingdom of god.

Anyways that's my little thought for today,

My last little thing I want to say to my friends and family... Never let yourself get down. You always have someone who cares about you and loves you. It may not seem like it. Families argue with each other or your friends dismiss you.... but there is always a Father in Heaven who loves you more than all the things He has. He loves us so much he scarified his most beloved son so we can return to live with Him. He is always there for us. All we have to do is reach out and grab hold of His hand. Pray always so we may not falter.

Love you lots.
Jameson choro

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