Saturday, August 24, 2013

Last days at the MTC


So I don't have much time or much to say. This is my last week in the MTC. But yeah in two days ill be in Japan!

I have two experiences to share. first off we skyped a nihonjin again. It was actually really hilarious because my doryo accidentally asked her to read 11 really long scriptures instead of 2 short ones. Sooooo she read them and it took like 5 minutes. We were just laughing the entire time.

Second was my teacher asked me to be his "tomodachi" in a lesson. So I had 3 japanese kids teach me and my teacher. It was so much fun and it made me realize how much I actually have learned.

Anyways tell my friends that they can't send dear elders anymore. Also, they cant mail me until I get to japan. My new address was in the packet with all the to do list that came with my call so if you find that you can attach that.

Sorry for the short email. I had so many emails to respond to today.

Lots of love!

Jameson Chourou

Jarom's mom here. While he was responding to emails I happened to be on my email as well. Jarom and I were able to have a disconnected but real time conversation. It was WONDERFUL! After 9 long weeks in the MTC, he is more than ready to get to Japan. We talked about pants and cookies. Most importantly, we talked about him calling home when he flies out on Monday. With any luck, I will get to talk to him when he is at the Salt Lake airport as well as during his three hour layover in Tokyo. He also asked, "what do you need from me? What can I help with?" SERIOUSLY?? Ahhhh!! Be still my heart!

I was also able to exchange an email with his companion, Rogor Chourou:

"Well Hello Mama Jameson! I just wanted to write you a little thank you note for being such and amazing mom to Elder Jameson. I have learned so much about him, and I love it. Your family is strong, and I can feel that. You are amazing! keep on keeping on, and just thank you for everything. The socks! I have received so many compliments and I will wear them for the ever and ever! my preparations days will never be the same thanks to you and Jameson Choro! The talks, the butterscotch cookies, and everything you sent Jameson choro has been wonderful. I have enjoyed spending this past 9 weeks with him, and I hope he has too. Have a wonderful rest of the day! "

I have indeed had a very wonderful rest of the day! 

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