Saturday, August 17, 2013

To obey is better than sacrifice

Sooooo This week has been terribly interesting. Many different progressions in relationships and my personal study.

First off I forgot to mention that last week we skyped a nihonjin in nihon! It was craz cray desu yo!

But not only that, on tueday we finally had a shitotachi come and talk to us during a tuesday devotional. Richard G. Scott! He talked about prayer.

I also got my travel plans yesterday. I'm almost there! only have 9 more days before I leave the MTC!!!!!

Speaking of nice things, thanks for the hot fries! 4 bags are already gone. and we eat them before bed (we got it on Tuesday so one a night) and every morning I seriously have had the most fiery digestive problems. But it is so worth it in the moment.

I see Andrew and Sam sometimes. I accidentally ran across Andrew's classroom so I know where he studies now.

The language is not coming but I feel more confident with it. We were able to use a concept lesson with one of our "investigators" and we got him to commit to baptism. yay!

Anyways I wanted to share something that I wrote in my study journal about obedience.

Wowers..... 1 samuel 15:22
"to obey is better than sacrifice"

Great scripture. Basically saying its better to just obey than to have a sacrifice of sins. And our sacrifice for our sins has already been made. So... next time, if you know you are about to commit a sin willingly.... think "is this worth the sorrow and pain that I might feel for years? Is this worth the blood and death of the Savior? Will God look on this act with the slightest degree?"

I know for a fact that is isn't. No sin is worth your eternal salvation. No sin is worth an eternity without the ones that you love. No sin is worth the death of Christ. But He loved us so much that He went ahead and made sure that we could have an eternal family and life. He died so that we wouldn't. In other words, He died a physical, most harmful, painful, difficult death, that made blood come out of every pore, that made Him ask Heavenly Father for another way out, just in case we rationalized and justified our temporal pleasures to the point of committing that worthless sin. Obedience is better than sacrifice. But because of our disobedience, we made Jesus, the greatest of all, to tremble because of pain, because of the sacrifice needed to offset the demands and laws of justice to pay for our disobedience.

But yup yup yup that's my input for this week. I hope it can bring some light to your lives. Speaking of which, I don't hear enough from my friends and family. Especially Brenna. Tell her every night to dear elder me until I leave. I want to know what she is doing. You guys need to do the same! Dylan needs to write me tooooooo!

Can you message Masako and tell her that I will write her when I get to nihon? That way I can tell her about all my adventures there.

Anywhoggie boggie,

I love you all and keep strong and find that light that makes your day bright. If we don't look for whats good, like birds (for some reason I have fallen in love with the birds at the MTC, I think they are so cute) You will be forever in the dark. That breaks our Heavenly Father's heart when we are sad and gloomy.

And on that note, as Richard G scott said as he walked away (he stopped and turned to everyone after the devotional) "Be good!"

Jameson choro

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