Saturday, August 10, 2013

Silly socks, BYU roommates, and holy places

Hello my dear mother and friends!!!!!!

I have seen Sam. (Sam Biggs was Jarom's roommate at BYU. He entered the MTC on Wednesday, the last of the 4 to serve this summer.) I saw him like 2 hours ago. He cut his chin with a razor because he is used to an electric one. I think it is stinking hilarious because he said he hated blades.
Sam, Michael, Jarom, and Andrew - BYU roommates with their mission flags.
Ummm I haven't seen Andrew (Andrew Dimmick is also Jarom's roommate & one of his bffs from Avon. He entered the MTC last Wednesday.) I never see him. I mean I only really see the Spanish and Japanese people. I have seen Ashlee a lot. (Ashlee Bahr, a friend from his ward at BYU is also in the MTC.)

Andrew & Jarom at the Nauvoo Temple

I have been thinking about what I could try to say this week and truth be told I have no idea what I need to say. I mean there are things I cant learn when I'm here in the MTC. But there are things that I am learning that I couldn't learn in the field. And for that, I'm eternally thankful for the opportunity to be here as long as I am. The MTC is one of the most holy places here on earth. So much spiritual growth and progression happen in a short few weeks. For example, who would think that I can understand the amount of Japanese I do now because of the MTC? I cant speak all that well but I think that is because I need to learn something more important. I'm still trying to figure out what that is. And maybe I won't figure it out until later in life. I know I will pick up the language when I go to Japan. But for now, that isn't my biggest concern. My biggest concern is turning my heart towards God. My doryo in comp study asked me what we could do to be able to be blessed or rather endowed with power from heaven. I said well we cant be blessed until we desire to be blessed. Nothing can come unless we desire. But then with that desire we align our lives with the will of God. Once we do that then Heavenly Father will see that we are willing to change. Then He will bless us.

So one thing that I found interesting this week... is you can tell who has seen the darker side of the world. There are about 5 of us in my district that have had this happen. There is just a certain feel about their testimonies and how they testify. You can sense the urgency in their voices when they talk about sharing the gospel. This is actually scary stuff. This is actually life or death. This is eternal damnation or eternal life. It is going to be a shock to those who have not seen how actually terrible this world is. But that is the great thing. Then they realize how important it is that people need the light of Christ. Then they realize the blessings this gospel has brought to their lives.

Roger Choro is going a great job leading the district. Roger Choro and I have grown really close these past few weeks. We were told to share some testimonies to our companions about how the gospel has blessed our lives. Roger Choro and I were crying because we know the pains of the world and how much this gospel blesses our lives.

Jameson Choro (sorry I ran out of time.)

(Jarom's Mom, here. I like to send silly socks to my daughter and her companions. I thought it would be fun to see what Jarom's roommates would do if I sent them silly socks. I bribed them actually. If they sent me a picture with all of them in their socks, I would reward them with hot fries. I am pleased to share with the world, Jarom and his roomies in silly socks!)

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