Monday, August 26, 2013

Flight delays, and Tender Mercies!

Jarom's mom here. A couple of months ago Jarom's dad booked a flight to Utah so he could visit our new grandbaby.
Lans and sweet little Iris
He had to juggle the flight around his YM responsibilities as well as our daughter's work schedule. It wasn't until after the flight was purchased that we realized he would be flying home the day before Jarom flew to Japan. Or so we thought.

The MTC had Jarom's original flight date as August 27th. When he got his traveling papers, we realized he would be at the airport on the same day as Lans. We were dismayed that they would be so close and yet they would not be able to see one another.

This morning I had my phone out at my desk at school waiting for a call from the Salt Lake airport. It never came. Again, I was dismayed but knew that Jarom would try to call me from Tokyo. At 2:45 pm I received a call from Salt Lake. It was Jarom! His flight had mechanical problems and they had to re-book their travel plans. He was stuck at the airport for 11 hours. Although it stunk that he was grounded for that long, he was able to enjoy some Cafe Rio. Also, his new departing flight was within 20 minutes from Lans'.

Jarom was hesitant to see Lans. After all, he is asked to sacrifice seeing his family for 24 months. He wanted to be obedient to this sacrifice. Imagine the surprise when Lans and Jarom were in the same terminal! Not only that, Jarom was at gate A3 while Lans was at gate A4.

Coincidence? Nope. Tender Mercy!!

Look at that badge!

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