Saturday, July 6, 2013

Week 1 - MTC


So I don't have much time. Our temple session ran over late today and I have just a few moments to say hey to everyone. I have some good stuff to report already. But one thing I will mention is how hard this stinking language is. I'm extremely frustrated and it increases when everyone says it will come. But everything takes time. But Until then expect the best.
My companion is Roger Choro. He is a guy from Texas and he is very outgoing. I have more to talk about him later.

My district is a lot of fun and we all work hard together. I'll talk about them next week as well.

I have seen a ton of people from my ward. 

I'm grateful for the food but it is always cold. I eat dinner at 4:10 and I feel like an old man. We literally don't eat for 12 hours but other people at the MTC get to eat at like 6 and 7.

I enjoy the MTC but it is hot all the time. 

I love receiving your letters and love! keep them coming!

Lots of love,

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