Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The most pure person

I guess I will cut down to the investigators this week. This week was spent well and we worked super hard. Got to see many cool people and hopefully we can start to fill our teaching pool with the elect.

First is Na. He is still in the hospital But we met him and he was super good. Changed his baptismal date because we didn't know if he could get out of the hospital on time. But then he told us not to visit him for the rest of the week. I'm not quite sure what is going on with him.

Then there is K. He came to church on Sunday. We met him on Friday as well. He is a talker but he really wants the best for himself. He said on the lesson on Sunday that he was going to prioritize God in his life. He is looking good for his baptism on the 20th.

S. We didn't met her this week. She did come to church. I called her on Saturday to ask how she was doing with her prayers and if she was ready to be baptized on the 20th. She said she didn't know. I asked her how many times she prayed. Only once, she said. So we challenged her to pray everyday at a certain time. She said she would.

No. She is amazing! She is looking good for her baptism for next week. She is the most pure person ever! She is so willing to be baptized. We tell her what she needs to do and she makes sure to do it. It is a complete miracle to be able to work with her.

Y isn't doing hot. We may give him a break for 2 weeks.

We found a new investigator named T. He is 26 and has a 4 month baby. He is pretty cool. We will try to meet him again tonight.

We have been working with this less active named Ka. Total blessing. We passed a light and it turned green to cross. We had a strong feeling to cross. We crossed and ran into her. Then we invited her to a meal appointment we had. She came and had a great time. The member asked her to say the closing prayer and she said "I'm sorry I haven't been coming to church but from here on out I want to become closer to you" it made me really happy. She is starting to warm up again!

That was basically the main work we were able to get done. We have some new people we are trying to meet. I'll try to report on them soon.

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