Monday, June 15, 2015

The Lord is blessing the area

Hello! This week was super good. Had some really heart felt lessons and things are going really well for Miyazaki.

Monday night we met with these two people from Nepal. They are Hindu but they wanted to learn about our religion. It was so hard to teach them because of the language barrier. But they accepted a Book of Mormon.

On Tuesday we met with this new investigator named Ki. He said that he wanted to be more happy in his life. We gave him a pamphlet and he said he would read it. We came back and he actually read it. Lots of Japanese people say they don't understand the pamphlets. I can read them and understand them. They are super simple. But he read it and actually understood it! So w challenged him to be baptized on 25th of July. He said yes.

Thursday was really good as well. Sad because we went to visit S and she told us she would be going to her parents house for a month so she won't be able to get her baptismal date. Then we dendoed really hard in the rain. The rain is nice when it's not cold. I'm just glad I have multiple shoes to wear.

Friday we met with K. He is looking good for his baptism date next week. He is really trying his hardest to be baptized!

Saturday we met with N, the guy from Syria. He is really upset with what is going down in Syria. He isn't doing so good. He said that hearing all of that makes you think that God isn't there. He said I just don't think God would just be silent about things like this. To that we said, God isn't silent, he sent prophets today to help us. He really liked that and took a Book of Mormon. He is such an amazing man and I am so grateful to meet him. I love that man so much.

We also we out to eat with the K family that came to church 2 months ago. We just need them to come to activities and the kid needs to tell his dad he wants to go to church. The dad will do anything the kid wants. So we need to work with the kids.

Sunday was great! N came again! She is amazing. S came. Then K came as well. S recently got a new job that works nights and she thinks that she can't come to church anymore. Up until now I didn't realize the blessing of working nights at Amazon. I was able to bear a strong testimony about how the Lord strengthens you even if you are out of your mind tired and come to church. We promised her that if she were to pray specifically for help to find a different job and to come to church, that she will be able to enjoy the blessings of church, be baptized, and find stability in her life. She said she wanted to see what kind of blessings come from it.

We dendoed after and found two new investigators. They are both in their 20s and we set up appointments with them. We met Ki and told him the expectations of baptism. He accepted it pretty well. Lastly we met with the M family and they said yes to doing family home evening with the Ma family. They are perfect for each other. The Lord is blessing the area!

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