Monday, June 8, 2015

It is a great opportunity

This week was pretty great. At the beginning it was a little slow just because we didn't have any appointments.

Monday night we went up north to visit some people. Most of them weren't home unfortunately but there was a great miracle on the way home.the less active we have been working with, we met her on the street again! It's been a huge blessing to meet her so many times. She actually came to the baptism service on Sunday.

N isn't looking too good. We went to the hospital to check up on him and he kept saying how he thinks it's against the rules to talk about religion in the hospital. In response to that I said to him, let's just go ask the doctors right now if that is okay. He immediately rejected that and told us it would probably be impossible for him to be baptized. As we left we talked to the front desk and explained the situation. They said it's okay to talk to him but not others. So we will go and tell him that this week.

On brighter news, we found 5 investigators this past week. All of them were in their 20s and one was in his 30s. Super amazing blessing. Most of them were families and they agreed to a return appointment pretty quickly. No hesitation sometimes is the sweetest thing to hear. That and hearing someone say yes to an invitation to baptism. It is just a great opportunity to work for these people and try to help them find happiness.

There is this new investigator named S. She is 20 years old and she is amazing. We invited her to be baptized on the 25th of July and she said yes. She wants to feel God's love and wants to have peace in her life. I don't know exactly what she is thinking during the lesson so we need to ask her more.

K is good. He said yes to follow chastity, word of wisdom and tithing. But he is a character. During N's baptism, during her testimony, he interrupted to testify what she was testifying about. He is hilariously out of control sometimes. He has a kind heart.

Sa.... She is struggling. She is just working so hard to find a job and a new apartment. It's almost like the blinders horses wear. She is so focused on those things she forgets the rest. She found a job that works nights and because of that she didn't come to church. Interesting because she quit her job to go to church and now she picked a job that won't allow her to go. I called a member about it and talked about what we should do, Elder Hunsaker and I felt like the member should talk to her about it. So we talked it over and the member is going to try to help her find a job that will keep the Sabbath day and show her the way to rely on God when it comes to trials in life. The member went through the same thing of trying to find a job. They are the same age so it's perfect.

But on the other hand, N got baptized! Holy cow she is an angel. The thing was perfect. I had the chance to baptize her. It was really great! And the service was great.

It was a great fast Sunday. But for some reason it was really hard on our bodies since we had to wake up early to fill the font. The rest of the day I was fine but as soon as I sat down for dinner, it hit really hard. During the day Hunsaker threw up. It was awkward because it was in the middle of a contact. But the blessing of it is was we were able to find some prepared people that accepted the message really well.

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