Monday, March 16, 2015

Children soften hearts

Oh buddy this week has been rough but at the same time we saw some great things happen. Of course the Lord will provide. I am very thankful for that. The district is going well too. It has been slow the past few weeks but this week really went well for the other companionships. These other missionaries in my district are so good! I'm a lucky leader :)

Anyways, on to this week.

Monday we visited a man we gave a pamphlet to last week and he said he read it and loved it! He was feeling good from reading it. So happy about that. He wants to review the pamphlet with us on a different day. We also met this guy who is reading the bible because he likes roman history. We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and he said he would read it. Then as 4 missionaries we went to go sing for a less active. It went really well.

Tuesday Just dendo. We tried to meet other people but they fell through. We met this extremely genki woman who wanted to read a pamphlet about God. She said she believes that something created her and wanted to know more about God.

Wednesday we had a great day. Found 2 new investigators on the street. One was 18 and the other 20ish. Have both their numbers. The first was T. He has really long hair and he wants to receive inspiration and be guided by God. We told him how we were guided to stop to him on the street. He said it was luck. The other is To. He wants to be resurrected! Holy moley that was so cool!

Thursday was planning and a little bit of dendo. We got to give a blessing to a member that was sick. Giving blessings is such a great blessing. I remember when I had to give my first blessing at BYU. I was so scared but now I love to help people with blessings. I know its not easy to ask for blessings so I am so glad they asked.

Friday. That was crazy. We brought members to a 67 year old woman and she went crazy on us. She said it was okay to bring people but when they came she freaked out on them. She later called and said sorry but I felt so bad for the members. I was just trying to help her build relationships with the members. Apparently she didn't want that. Haha. We met with an investigator that hasn't been met for a while. He has been praying for a while and likes the church still. He may have a problem with the word of wisdom. He thinks its too hard. We are going to try to build his faith in Christ and help him feel love towards the Savior.

Jarom hasn't been sending pictures. Luckily I found this on Facebook!
Saturday we went to the temple. That was super good. I got to talk to the the members along the way and build a pretty good relationship with some. I was able to ask them about a few past investigators. Since the sisters area was closed here a few transfers ago I was asking about their investigators. One of which a member here still keeps in contact with and when we got back from the temple we went to visit her. She wasn't home but we left a note saying we were thinking about her. The temple was awesome because I was trying to think "what does it mean to be a true disciple of Christ?" Thanks to Adam's example I was able to learn better what a true disciple would do. I want to be a true disciple.

Sunday. The person we went to go visit the day before texted the member and said she was so happy we came by and that next month she will try to come to church. She actually thought about the missionaries a few days ago and was so happy that we came by. I'm so grateful for the Spirit that helps us. I'm grateful for the promptings it gives me.

We dendoed and met 2 great kids who wanted to learn about the gospel. But they live in different areas. We gave them the Book of Mormon and ways to contact the missionaries in their areas. They were so cool! I'm so jealous for those missionaries that get to teach them!

Lastly. Cool miracle. Sunday night we visited an investigator family called K. They let us in and we talked. They said at first they won't go to church because they don't believe in God 100% (they are about 40 or 30). Then the kid busts in the room saying that he believes in God and the dad said "well lets try to go to church once." Yeah for children softening the hearts of parents.

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