Monday, March 23, 2015

The Lord is never disappointed if you are trying to repent


On Monday and Tuesday we were on splits. I went with elder Krebs on Monday and after district meeting on Tuesday we were with  Elder Young and Sato from the other area.

Krebs is a ball of energy. He always has good ideas and he is going to be a great missionary. We had a cool experience where we went by an area and felt prompted to go visit an investigator we both haven't met. We went, it was great and we have another appointment for today! This kids name is N. He has been a Christian for 8 years and wants to learn more about Christ. Such a nice kid. Later we visited another investigator and talked about the Spirit with him. We hammered it hard and asked him if he would like to have the gift of the Holy Ghost. He said yes.  YES!! We set a baptismal date for the 18th of April. It sounds like he has a bad word of wisdom problem. We will talk about that in a moment.

Tuesday we were up in Miyakonojo. The Elders recently found this amazing college student who read the Book of Mormon in a little over a week. He wants to know the path he should follow. I went with Elder Young to visit him. We talked to him about how we want to help him find that path and then told him that path was baptism. We were able to set a date with him as well. It was super cool to spend time with their investigator and be in their area. They are working hard and seeing miracles!

Wednesday. Just a day of dendo. We tried to visit Y again *the guy from Monday night*. But he told us to come on a different night so we went and started to dendo. We met this really cool kid about 15 years old who wanted to learn how to talk with God. Sad thing is he is moving to a different area. Then a little later we talked to a different kid about the Book of Mormon. He said he wanted to study more but.... he is moving to Nago! Lucky Elder Olsen! The past few weeks we have been finding some great people but every one is either from a different area or they are moving soon. I guess that is one way to spread the work of salvation. I'm glad I could help. Just imagine those other missionaries having this guy call them asking to meet. I would want that so we need to talk to everyone!

Also on Wednesday we tried visiting a less active. Its been hard to meet her recently because she only wants to meet the past Elder that was here, saying that he was so kind and wants to meet him. She sent that in a text to us on Friday which we weren't able to respond to. Then she sent one on Sunday saying it would be good if we were to transfer. Hmmmmm..... She hasn't really met me all that much. It kinda hurts to hear that. Oh well, we will try our hardest to get in contact and rebuild that.

Thursday we went and visited Y and the K family. Y didn't keep his commitments. He struggles with it. I have no idea why. He also wants more time to think about baptism. He has been asked since November about baptism and still says its too hard. We think its because he doesn't have a testimony of the word of wisdom. That is a problem. We will make a pro and con chart and show the blessings of not following and following the word of wisdom.

The K family was awesome! They committed to come to church on April 5th! We were also able to give them a Book of Mormon. They said when they first met the missionaries they believed in God about 10 percent. Now its about 40 because they have been thinking about how there are so many miracles these days. We will meet them again on the 24th.

Friday we were traveling up to Fukuoka. We got to dendo a little bit before but nothing really happened. We stayed at the AP apartment and it was good to see how they did things especially for Davies choro.

Saturday we were blessed to hear from Nelson choro. He came down for an iPad training - trying to prep us for receiving the iPad. Lots of things were spoken about but probably my favorite thing is one phrase. "The lord is never disappointed at people who are trying to repent." Sometimes in many different situations as a missionary you feel like you messed up. Didn't do the best you could. That tends to weigh you down. You feel unworthy. But the Lord is never disappointed if you are trying to repent. It seems like a simple phrase but it really hit hard when he said it on Saturday.

We traveled back to Kagoshima on Saturday night. I got to talk with Knighton choro. It feels like not a day has passed since being with him. Good to talk with him and catch up. It was a good bonding for the zone too. We went as a zone and were able to review the taikai as we went. Usually the buses have videos playing so you can watch something. Since everyone at the back were missionaries, we decided to cover up the one TV with paper so we didn't have to watch it. It felt great to use our agency to feel the Spirit more.

A cool thing that happened is we actually had an investigator at church. He has a baptismal date but I
have never met him until yesterday. He says he will come to church next week and all next month. He loved it. BLESSINGS!

Sunday we had district conference for the Kagoshima district . It was great! An area seventy came in and just went to town on member work. Afterwards I was talking to some of the members and they talked about they could apply it to their lives.

We got home from the conference and the branch president called us over for dinner and asked us to help him make a ward mission plan. It was wonderful. I was so happy. In my past areas they didn't really do the plan to the depth we did it last night. It was so nice too because he is American. He knew Preach My Gospel well and was just on it. Ideas were flying back and forth. I feel really good for the growth of Miyazaki under the the direction of Maris Kaicho.

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