Monday, March 30, 2015

Dendo Hungry

Hello friends!!!!!

This weeks had a huge down but it came right back up and things started to progress really well.

On Monday we talked to this kid named N. He is a 16 year old kid and he is a Christian. The hard thing is he is really connected with his own church. We expressed how we knew that his church was really important  but that is exactly the reason why we wanted to share the message of the restoration with him. We had only 5 minutes. Not much time to do anything but enough time to share the first vision and bear witness of it.

Later on Monday we tried to contact a media referral. She wast home. She visited a visitor center in New Zealand. Really cool miracle except for the fact we haven't been able to meet her.

Tuesday, the zone leaders came and we got some work done. Learned many things and had a chance to talk things over with them about the area. We went to teach Y with a member. It was a pretty good lesson all together. We hammered in how he can rid his guilt through baptism and how his parents would be happy if he was baptized. He really like it and finally he prayed just a little bit about baptism.

On the way home we ran into a less active on the street. At first we didn't know he was one but he said too many things that made me think, "this guy knows way too much about the church to just be a random guy" so I straight up asked him if he was a member. He denied it but then we figured he didn't realize that through baptism you become a member. He was baptized 30 years ago and stopped coming soon after. Sad story!

Wednesday, so we met this really awesome girl named S from Nepal. She actually kind of contacted us on the street. People from Nepal are crazy nice. They reach out and are soooooooo incredibly willing to listen. They want to come to church. They just don't know where to start. So on Wednesday we met her and gave her a Book of Mormon. She doesn't understand English and Japanese is hard. We need to teach incredibly simply.

Thursday, we met Y again. The lesson went really well! We don't know if he is lying half the time but it seems good. He said he would commit to not smoking for one day.  We were ecstatic! We also were able to go finding a little bit and found this really cool 14 year old boy named M. We asked if we could come back to meet his parents.

Friday we went to an area where we haven't gone in a while. Remember W? About 3 weeks ago we met. We visited and he was sick but he said "please come again! I want to listen. I'll be waiting for you." Then we walked across the street and met a lady that we haven't been able to meet since the beginning of the transfer. She was super happy to see us. We set something up for today. Not only that but we met E. Maybe 2 weeks ago we met this 20 year old guy who likes reading the bible. He said he was reading the Book of Mormon almost everyday. We shared the first vision and he said he would pray. That day ended really well.

Saturday. We are trying to start up a sports activity. We had a great day with this kid named A. He really had some fun. So much that he wanted to introduce his girlfriend to us. She happens to go to a Christian high-school. I love how missionaries are so blessed. They are both really good kids and they said they wanted to come to church activities.

Sunday. Great day at church. A returned missionary moved into our ward. He is 24 and dendo hungry. Our branch president is crazy for it too. We had a lesson later in the night with him. After the lesson he talked how he wants more missionaries and he was going to bring it up at the next ward council about how they can get the work going. The branch is willing. They just need the leader who is fired up. I can see Miyazaki blowing up soon. Anyways we housed a little bit and met a woman from the Toitsu church or the unification church. I haven't heard good things about this church and heard they were slightly crazy. I want to figure out how we can teach them better. We taught Y and he is keeping the word or wisdom! We also met the K family. They are reading the Book of Mormon together and we taught them prayer.  They said they would come to church next week. We have around  6 people saying they wanted to come to church next week. Next week should be good :)

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