Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The power of the member present lesson

SO this week was super amazing! We had 4 investigator came to church, the other Elders had 2, and a member's parents came.

On Tuesday we went to visit a recent convert and it is such a privilege to talk to these people.  She has grown so much and she has an amazing testimony. She actually jointed for a lesson yesterday which went really well!!! I'll tell you about it in a little bit.

Tuesday we found a new investigator named F. He yelled for us to come in. We walk in and his house is a hot box of tobacco smoke. It was pretty rough to stay in there. The poor guy has nothing, just sitting in a room smoking tobacco all day long. I'll tell you more about him.

Wednesday. Lots of things learned. When you call an investigator for a lesson, and she says she wants to bring friends, make sure she knows that it is a lesson we are teaching. We didn't do that with our friend S. She brought her friends and they were expecting to hang out. Nope. We had an awkward lesson. They were all Hindu. We explained the first vision and they kind of were surprised something like that would happen. S turned out to be really cool about it. She said "I've thought about why there are so many religions and which one is true." So in the end it was good. At the start.... not really.

Thursday was super good! We went to meet a young investigator named N. He wasn't really seeming like he had much interest. That is just his personality. But we went there and talked about the restoration again and how he can find an answer. It was so good! He said he wanted to know if Joseph Smith saw the Father and Christ. He also said he would be baptized if he came to know it was true. On the way home we found a new investigator on the street named H. He is 16 and thinks because our bodies are too complicated, there must be a God here.

Later we had lessons with Y and F. F is so hard because he has depression and doesn't do anything. He says he wants everything we have to offer but doesn't do anything about it. Y went well. Buuuuut still something was missing. We finally found it out yesterday, but all the previous lessons were missing something. We were focusing on baptism but not the right parts.

Cool miracle. During the lesson with Y, both Elder Davies and I felt that we needed to visit a past investigator that was apparently really amazing. We rush to her house with 5 minutes to spare in the night and she said "Wow! I was just on the phone with a member from your church. Right as I hung up you guys rang the door bell. I'm quitting my job and I'm coming to church on Sunday." WOW~~ That's missionary work!

We really dendoed hard on Friday. Honestly I don't really remember it. It was straight dendo.

Saturday we ended up with some extra time because an appointment fell through. We decided what to do through prayer. It was really cool. A single apartment came to mind and that we needed to do the bottom row. So we went there and found a contact was pretty normal. I was thinking "oh no, what we are we going to do with them. The son in the background was being goofy and the mom said sorry. I said no problem he just seems happy. She started to cry and started to tell us how he tried to commit suicide the day before. She really wants more peace in her life and to have a happy family. Well I'd like to testify that the Lord watches all of our families and wants that same thing for us.

Saturday night an old investigator named N (not our investigator, the shimai investigator from a while ago) called and wanted to meet. She gave us the time and said she was so excited to finally have time to talk.

Sunday was great! The K family came! S came! And Ki came. We set a new baptismal date with Ki. He really wants to find an eternal family. He is a members friend. He has a date for May 9th. We also met him yesterday. He really wants to get baptized.

S was amazing!!! She apparently quit her job because the wall of her work place was peeling off and she saw a cross in the wall. It reminded her of church and she said "I need to go to church to feel the happiness that I felt before" So she quit and came. We didn't have time to talk about baptism but next time for sure. She is an amazing person.

Later we taught N. She is so amazingly pure as well. She lives far but she wants to com to church and continue to change. Apparently the shimai who taught her never went over baptism so she doesn't really understand what our purpose is. We reviewed that a lot and will introduce baptism next time.

Monday!!!!!! Great 2 lessons with Y and K. We had a recent convert talk about her baptism. Through that we figured out what was wrong with why he didn't commit to things. He said a while back he thought the Book of Mormon to be true but he didn't actually know. We didn't dig enough and this time is just came up. He said he thought it was true because it was the word of God but he never really prayed for it. Now we are pretty excited to teach him. The past lessons felt like something wasn't there or we needed to think of something different. Thanks to the member, we now know! I love member present lessons.

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