Monday, April 13, 2015

A message that has no end or sorrow

This week was really busy with a lot of things and we weren't able to get a lot done since we had transfers and general conference.

Tuesday night we ran to the K family to say goodbye since Davies was leaving. They were happy to see us but they are starting to not like talking about religion. I'm a little concerned.

Wednesday was spent trying to get last minute things done. We had luck with S - the girl from Nepal. She brought 3 friends again!

After a while we went to M, it was good to see her but she is not willing to budge on her opinion. Its really rough but now we can redirect our time on other people.

Davies actually got a call on Wednesday changing his transfer. It was weird but the Lord needed him somewhere else.

Thursday Kikuchi Choro came in. He wants to work super hard and make this last transfer his best. I hope this thought continues. We have planned to see 3 baptisms this transfer.

We went to teach Y. It is so weird being with someone who is fluent again. Its like being a bean but understanding everything. I don't know how to join in and help. Its a future problem we need to fix. He likes to teach and he is a great teacher. He taught Y really well and he committed him to com to general conference!

Friday,the bikes came so we were ready to go. We dendoed a bit and then had a lesson with Ki. He is doing great! Willing to meet and ready for his baptism on the 9th of May. He really wants an eternal family soooo bad! It makes me realize that we are sharing a message that everyone should be excited about! A message that has no end or sorrow! How incredible that is!

Saturday was spent for general conference. Speaking of which, it hammered hard on families. It wasn't leaving a good feeling as a missionary. I'm not supposed to be thinking of that. So I just made a mental note to read all the stuff later. Y came to the first session on Saturday and Sunday. He looked so good in a suit.

Later we headed to F. The poor guy. He just wants friends. We would love to be his friends but he doesn't want to learn. He is stuck on the fact of that since his is sick, everyone needs to care for him. He has no desire to do anything. We told him to call us if he wants to listen to the message. Since then he has called us around 5 times - each time saying that he doesn't believe in God. But each time, I feel like it gets closer to him wanting to learn. The last phone call he said "it would be good if God existed." We can only encourage him to continue to learn.

Sunday S and Y came to general conference. S had some confidence and doubts. but the conference speaker in the morning really hammered on its okay to have doubts. Just focus on the things you do know. She thought it was just for her and she looks forward to talking to us. Right now she doesn't have a job so we can meet her more during the week. I can't wait! I'm really excited to teach people, especially if gaining a testimony or finding salvation is important to them. I want to help everyone find salvation. I wish I could declare it better so that they can understand the feelings of my heart!

We were able to dendo a bit and we met N. He was super good! He doesn't seem like he has interest but he actually does in the end. Its weird. The kid has no emotion on his face at all times.

We were blessed by a family who gave us dinner last night. They were talking about how there used to be 200 people attending church years ago. It drove the Spirit inside of me and it really makes me want to help this branch to grow. We just need to get things together!!!!

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