Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I'm so happy to be in Miyazaki

Any-who this week!!!!

To be completely honest we worked super hard but there aren't a lot of things to report on. Kikuchi is a great missionary and helps so much. Tt seems when you get better at talking to people it gets harder for some reason. When you are a bean you see miracles like crazy. When I was with Davies it was easier to talk to people but now the Lord is stretching us to really reach for those people who really matter.

Tuesday we had some upsetting lessons with Y and K. Y is most likely lying about his smoking problem. On Thursday we talked more about it but he keeps asking why the word or wisdom is needed. We just told him to pray about it and see what he feels about it. He wants everything from the gospel but he hasn't made a huge commitment in his life so its hard for him.

K went to go quit his religion and the lady there totally convinced him not to quit and now he wants to wait things out. He wants to stop the lessons too so he can wait it out. Ugg! He was easily convinced. It was really hard for us to try to teach him.

Wednesday we dendoed quite a bit and met a less active. Its always awkward - to be completely honest is super awkward. But I love it! We figured out her work and her free time so we told that to the branch.

Thursday we taught Y again. Same as listed above. We came home from a training and found a really cool man. He liked how everything we were doing was free so he would like to learn more. The things that interests people are amazing.

Friday. We were finally able to meet the media referral. Well it turns out she didn't really have interest but that's okay. We were able to dendo around her and meet some great people.

Saturday was all dendo. We tried meeting people but things fell through. So we went around town to different spots and found some great areas, met a lot of college students. We are looking forward to this next week since we found good areas. We were able to meet the Ks and introduce Kikuchi. They are doing good. We invited them to an activity that will be coming up soon. They said they wanted to come. Honestly I think their interest will start will grow as they see other members and see how happy their families are.

Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!! People came to church. one came late so it didn't count for the numbers but Y and N were in time. S came later. It was great!!!!!!!!!! S said she would make time this week to meet. She is amazing. N is one of the most pure people I have ever met. We started to teach a lesson and talked about baptism. she said from hearing how it has blessed everyone so much, she wanted to receive it as well! We set a date for June 7th.

We went from church and ran into this guy from the Dominican Republic that was so incredibly drunk. I have never seen someone have such a hard time riding a bike. But he hasn't found a church yet here and wanted to go. Well... we would love for you to come.

We dendoed hard the rest of the day. Its been a long couple days but things are going great. We called a former investigator from China and he agreed to meet with us. We also called a less active that just completely opened up with us and we will meet with them both. The work is going well and I'm so happy to be here in Miyazaki with Kikuchi.

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