Monday, March 9, 2015

Swimmers and Studs

The highlight of the week is that the other elders investigator got baptized on Saturday!!!! It was so cool. The kid is a stud. Hopefully he can help us soon move the work of salvation.

To be honest, a lot of the investigators we are working with aren't that very strong, they dropped a bunch of people before I came and the ones the had left before I came were on the line. So we need to start hitting the pavement hard to find those people who will listen. In April the colleges start up again so we can look forward to that. But until then there are still millions of people we can talk to!

Monday we tried to visit this one man named W, He talked a lot about what he believes which was exactly what we believed, just different terms and different ways to explain it. He just wouldn't give me the time of day to explain that they were very similar.

After him we did some dendo and found some new potential investigators. Hopefully we can talk about that some other time.

Tuesday we were able to meet with N, our baptismal date. He really understood repentance and the Spirit very well. He is doing well. We asked him if he believed the Book of Mormon is true. He said it was the most correct book on earth so I guess that means he thinks its true. Je is interesting. I'm not exactly sure where his testimony is. It seems like a lot of people liked the previous elder a lot because he was super kind. That's all that people say about him. Its really hard to fill a space that another
Elder has created, especially if that investigator or less active is only meeting us because of that Elder.

Wednesday we met with this woman named M. She is exactly like W from Miyako. Old and hilarious but very stern in what she believes. Which is nothing. Honestly we may just stop teaching her because she isn't really making any progress. She isn't meeting us to know if this is true, but rather because she wants to know why in the world we would believe in something like God.

Later that day we met this cool 85 year old who said he wanted to learn how to have a pure heart. His name is F. We brought a member to meet him on Thursday and it went really well. Hopefully he will progress but he is 85 years old. He has a really hard time walking.

We met this 16 year old on the street that is a drop out working for a painting company. He is super cool. He freaked out that we were missionaries. Also that we could talk to God. We met him on Wednesday and talked to him again on Thursday. He has free time on Sunday but he didn't come to church :( We will report more on him this next week.

Well our baptismal date N hadn't told us for weeks that he has suddenly decided to get heart surgery the week of his baptism. So he wont be able to be baptized since he will be in a hospital. But we gave him all the study things he basically needs to be baptized. Hopefully he will read it in the hospital.

Saturday and Sunday we dendoed. Saturday we had an activity where we played soccer with a bunch of people. We invited them to eikaiwa and some said they would come.

Random thing, I met a pro swimmer on the street. I told him I was a swimmer too and he said that it must be luck that we met. If we ever need anything he will take care of us. People here are so kind!

Sunday we worked super hard and no one really listened until the very last contact. An 18 year old boy who would love to have someone to talk to. Someone to rely on. We told him that he can do that with God and he said he would love that. We will try to meet him very soon.

That's about it for this week. Nothing really happened. The elders in our apartment are hilarious and I'm having a good time. The work is going to start picking up soon!

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