Thursday, February 26, 2015

Nago and miracles

This past week was awesome!!!! Not much to say because the details are quite difficult to explain but I'll try my best.

So I'll start off about H. M. He dropped off the map. We tried to talk to him and he never responded. Granted he is very busy, but he did not once call us back.

We did some gardening for K. Her house wasn't the best shape because no one does anything for the house really. So we cleaned outside. She was really happy about that. We weren't able to meet her the rest of the week really but we will meet her today.

Tuesday we randomly meet K. He walked up when we were about to teach W and he joined us. Even though he wasn't a member he knew quite a bit about our doctrine. He was testifyng to her that if you prayed and read about the Book of Mormon you would get an answer. The guy was so funny. We met him the next day and had a great talk. oOur relationship with him changed 180 degrees and its now good again.

Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday, we met this guy named S. Y. Holy moly! This guy is the He completely blows my mind. He is a 20 year old college student who loves meeting and talking with us. He went in one week not knowing about God to believing that God and Jesus Christ is there. He takes the teachings and quickly applies it to his life like "what would Jesus do?" Then he goes and picks someone's fallen bike back up. Or he felt like giving up when he locked his keys in his car, He remembered "God gave me this life so I can give effort and become a better person. He ran to a key store and asked for help. These things seem small but through small and simple things brings conversation. It shows how much he is learning from the lessons. He asks so many amazing questions. I'm learning more about the gospel because of him. He understands, in one week, probably more about the gospel than all of our investigators do. The bad thing is he leaves in a week and won'tn be back for a month. Ahhhhhhhhhhh why is there always something in the way!!!!! I'm really grateful for him though. He is a wonderful person and I love teaching him. He is a great friend and he came to church too!

T is great! He came to church as well! We called him Sunday morning if he would come. He said at 11. Church and sacrament starts at 10. I got kind of mad actually and called him back (in a friendly tone) "T!!!! Why cant you come at 10? We are going to be singing today!" He laughs and says okay he will come.

Before this we met him on Friday and taught him the story of Enos of how he can know if it is true. He has a hard time understanding what believing means. We sat him down on Sunday and asked him what he thought it meant. Because he always says "if I believe I will be saved. I want to be saved." He actually didn't understand what it was. We asked him, "do you think through Christ you can overcome death and sin?" He said yes. Then we said "then you believe in Christ." Man that was so cool. Things just clicked for him. He was really happy.

C! Holy moly she has a baptismal date! April 5th. We visited her, she said that her mom died. We re-explained the plan of salvation quickly and asked her if she wanted to go to the celestial kingdom. She said yes. Then we explained what baptism was and its purpose. she said "I have interest in that. I would want that." So we set up a date for April 5th.

It seems like all the people that have dates really truly have interest but they are so busy. Its so sad because we set appointments with C and we can never meet her. Her life is so crazy, We can never meet her. Please pray so that we can set this out so she can be baptized!

I love Nago. iI has so many wonderful people! I love Slsen choro. He is the best. Nago is going to explode with miracles!

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