Monday, February 9, 2015

Miracles for those who serve with faith

So I'll start this week out with a cool miracle that we saw on Friday night. We have been trying super hard to dendo 3 hours a day - plan specifically as where to go and how long we will stay there. It turns out when we have been doing this, we have been meeting less people. On the other hand we have been having more conversations about the gospel rather than people rejecting us at the door.

Friday night was the same. Knocking on doors and people not answering. We finally get to this one lady. She opened the door and she looked like she was about to kekko us. The beginning of the contact was terrible. It was super awkward and she wasn't really responding to our intro. Then I saw her necklace which seemed to have some figure that looked to be something of Christian belief. So I asked her what that necklace was. She looked at us with a surprised face and said that is was an image of Mary. Then we talked about Jesus for a bit. We asked her if she believed in God and she said that she believed in some large existence. Then abruptly said "why did you guys come HERE" and pointed to her apartment. Then Elder Olsen goes into explaining how we plan every night to know where God wants us to go. So we pray and ask for guidance. Then the woman really started to be surprised. She said, "I received this necklace from a friend. I haven;t worn it in over 2 months. I randomly decided to put it on 5 minutes before you came here. Then you come here talking about guidance and this necklace."

It was cool to see how she was connecting the dots and her belief of God increased. The Lord truly provides miracles for those who prepare to serve him with faith.

This week was difficult. K's understanding of things are pretty messed up. He went from kinjin to well... probably the hardest person to teach. Lets say that he doesn't have a baptismal date and next time he wants to meet, he will call us. He thinks this church is scary based off of not understanding things well. So please pray so he can have his mind eased.

W was surprising. She went from saying that she was starting to enjoy the lessons to saying that she hated our God because of how there are "ranks" in the life after this. I think the plan of salvation is amazing with how people, even thought they may have not been the best, can still have happiness of some sort. She completely missed the point and hated the fact there is divisions of people. She thinks everyone needs to be equal and that women should have the priesthood and be prophets as well. She doesn't understand that everyone is different and will have different outcomes in the life to come. We will try to ease the situation but sadly this may be the last lesson with her.

T is doing great. He is praying every day and feeling happy when he does. We had to review lesson one with him. He still had some points he didn't understand. Now he understands. We want to help him understand prayer a little more. Every time we ask him a question of what do you think about blank.... he says "if you believe you will be saved." I'm not quite sure how to respond to that. It seems like he may understand something but we will address that next time. He has more time this month so maybe we can set up something for him.

D and Ki. We visited on Friday. D was sober!!!!!!!!! He is back on his horse. Since we last visited him about 2 weeks ago, he hasn't drank or smoked! Also the people saying that he has to leave to go to America don't know what is going on so he gets to stay another month. And if they still don't know by then, they will continue to prolong it. He is doing good. The relationship in their family is getting better. We taught a little bit of the plan of salvation and that went well. J came to church with 3 of his friends. We trapped him before he could leave and took them to primary and lucky for us the other member came with her children so there was a primary of 6 kids!!!! That's awesome!

We weren't able to meet H.M. that was sad. We will meet him soon though. It's getting dangerous because his baptism is soon.

Til next week!

Elder J.

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