Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Lord loves Nago

SO on Saturday I ate sushi for the first time. Holy moly. That was crazy. I've avoided it like the black plague my entire mission but the branch president took us out and I have to eat. Nothing other than sushi. Have you every has wasabi? holy cow that is flaming hot. O about died. I had the most wasabi on my sushi than everyone else.

So this week was a really interesting week.

Tuesday was packed with lessons. We met this woman named M last week. A Japanese woman who is fluent in English and is a tattoo artist. Pretty cool lady. She has studied a lot about religion and has some crazy questions that I have never been asked before. We met her on Thursday as well. Man I don't know how to explain it but she is crazy and cool. We haven't taught anything deep - just answering her questions. She finally told us that she was looking for the purpose of life when she was young and could never find it. Well... we will talk about that later.

W was better this time. She brought up a good point during the lesson. Heaven wouldn't be heaven without my family. It was a destructive thought for her. She thought if there is a chance that I can't live with my family, I don't want to take that risk. But by doing that she makes it so she can't live with her family. Tts sooooooooooooooo difficult.

T is awesome. We talked about prayer and invited him to baptism. He said he always wanted that happy feeling that comes from prayer so he wants to be baptized. He said that "when I pray I feel like I start to forget all the bad things of the world and I like that."

A. Met her on Sunday. Then met her on Tuesday. A cool college girl that is about to graduate. She took the lessons well and started to cry at the end. She is such a kind girl and she really wants the best in this world. She will move soon so that is sad but we will see if we can help.

Wednesday. We met this less active named K. We were so blessed. She probably has different reasons why she isn't coming to church but she said that first.... she has bad relationships within the ward. She was such a strong member and when she went less active, like 7 others did as well.

The church doesn't have perfect people but has a way to perfect people. She has forgotten the purpose of the church and what the Spirit feels like. Listening to her it makes sense logically why she went less active but in the heart it doesn't even compare to the Spirit of the Lord. Good thing she has invited us to help her at her work place. So we will see what will happen.

On Friday we had Elder Whiting of the 70 come to Okinawa. Man that blew my mind. I wish I could say everything that I learned but I'll save that for a different time. Basically it was how we can be better people and do those simple things better. I want to be more like Christ. I want it more than anything right now.

Saturday we taught K. She is doing good. We taught the restoration and she said that she thinks that Joesph Smith did see God and Christ. The problem is that we don't know how much she is telling the truth. She always makes excuses for appointments and coming to church. It didn't feel like she was telling the truth when she said that.

Saturday we met H.M. on the street. He works for apartments with college students so he has been really busy this past week since they have been moving out. He wont make his baptism because of this but we will move it back. He came to church on Sunday!

We met C. Brought her chocolate. Made an appointment for Wednesday. Her mom recently died so she completely went off the map for a week or so. She said she still wants to study.

We met this really great guy named S Y, He was sooooooo cool. He said he wants to go to church to see what is was about. He wants to know why and how Christ became like God (he brought up by himself. We didn't teach that.) He has all the free time in the world before college starts up again. We are super excited for him.

This week was great! Lots of cool miracles that I wish I could tell you more about. The Lord really does love Nago and the people.

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