Monday, March 3, 2014

O-tou san

This week I asked Jarom a couple of questions. I thought I'd share them here:

What is the hardest thing about being a missionary?
Seeing that no matter your work, some people just turn you down. When you know how much this message can help them, you want to just scream it to them. But they just turn away.
2) What is your favorite thing about being a missionary?
Living everyday as a missionary. I love the special connection you have with the members. I love the connections you make with others.

Man I'm starting to feel like Pahoran. Everyone is sending me letters about how to make myself better and to not be so sad, that I need to stop thinking about myself. Granted I am very thankful for these things, but I'm seriously okay. I say some things that are concerning, but please stop worrying. I'm really grateful, I really am. I am fine though, so please don't worry about it. If it helps you at all, people call me Mr Sunshine. One elder said, Elder Jameson I can never see you being sad.

I'm doing fine. I will always be fine. I know I will because I have a family that cares about me.

Well not too much happened this week. It's basically a few things. We did a lot of finding. Like..... hours on end. We don't have much to work with but we found a lot of potential investigators. We did go visit one investigator.

M San is his name. He answered the door in his boxers.... and said his girlfriend was over. We sighed and walked away. Mabuchi Choro said to me. "Maybe law of chastity problem he has."  It was really sad.

We met an anti-Christ this week. Oh dear. It was awful. Mabuchi Choro told me his Japanese was really hard. I could barely understand him. Well barely is an overstatement. I could tell that he was railing on us by the Spirit leaving. It just flew out the window and I felt terrible. Mabuchi was fighting not to fight the guy. I called him father or in Japanese o-tou san. This is an affectionate term the Japanese use to everyone. Or call to their appropriate sibling status. And he started to yell at me saying that he wasn't my father. Then yelled at me to study Japanese and my religion more. But not that I realized it. I was just smiling at him the whole time.

We are just knocking and trying to find less actives. Not much is going but we are working hard.


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