Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's a boy!!

3 sudden phone calls.

SO this past week. we had 3 sudden calls that change this area completely. On Thursday Elder Fender received a call to become the mission recorder. That completely took everyone by surprise. That also made us go into a 3-man which leads to a great miracle.

Friday night we had to combine our dendo times and pick an area both companionships had not done. We picked an area and went to work. It was nearing time to go to an appointment and then we would end our night. We came up to the last house and we wanted to skip it and go. But then we changed our minds and turned back. As we knocked, this lady came to the door and said she was baptized about 12 years ago. The crazy thing is she isn't in our less active book. Her record was lost. She said she was checking how the church was doing and because of the growth the past few years it made her think that this church is really a true church. She said she wants to come back. The thing that blew my mind is that morning about 5 minutes before we left, I found some really old files that didn't have a lot of information on them but on one of the files was her name. It clicked after she said her name.

Saturday the second phone call came for me. I'm becoming a trainer. I'm going to have a son!!!!! Tell Elder Gandy that he is a grandaddy again!.

Yesterday I went to this trainer meeting and 5 people from my travel group are becoming trainers with me.

Today we had another call but this call is for Elder Lee. He is now the district leader of our district. Our 3-man district. Yeah. We are a 3-man companionship and I'm a trainer, he is a district leader, and we have a bean. This is really crazy. I'm worried because the past week it was almost impossible to work our two dendo times together. Our eikaiwa has become extremely big too. It is really hard to teach with 4 teachers and now we only have 3 and one has no experience. I'm really worried about it.

But that's all I can say for this week.

Elder Jameson

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