Monday, March 10, 2014

The art of BRTing


So I'm sorry that I honestly just forget to say things in my emails. Yes I do love the people. I love my mission. I though it wasn't necessary to let you know how much I love something. (Sigh. He is such a boy!)

I did receive the package. It was great! Mabuchi immediately put on the ties. He loves them. He hasn't touched the candy all that much but I already destroyed mine.

Nakamura Kyodai. He lives in Provo but his parents live here. He is here for a month and he is super awesome. We are going to go visit a less active that is 2 hours away on Friday. His English is pretty fly. He just loves helping the missionaries.

Well that is just japan. They love helping the missionaries. They basically baby us. Someone gave us an electric rug that gets pretty hot. We received 15 kilos of rice yesterday. That's like 3 weeks of rice. I've had my pants or suits fixed like 4-5 times already by members. These people really do try their hardest to help missionaries. Each week a group of women go to the temple and do work there.

Basically right now we are just hitting the street and knocking on doors. We don't really have any investigators. We have a few but it's because Mabuchi stretches the numbers a lot of the time, they aren't really investigators. It's just people we've met twice. no back ground really. This week we found 11 potential investigators. It is crazy the amount of people we found. A lot of them have some great potential to become members.

One girl we met had some awesome cats. I about freaked out and we talked about cats for a bit. Mabuchi did a great lesson off of it and now it seems like she has a lot of interest.

The art of BRTing. "Building Relationships" is hard. Lots of times people immediately just say "nope" or "I don't need it." Last night we had a great example of this.

Before we knocked on the door, I looked at the door and turned to Mabuchi and said "this is an American car!" It was a Dodge Ram 4x4. It was a monster of a car. SO when mabuchi introduced himself, they guy said he didn't need our religion. But then Mabuchi said "sorry we understand but can I ask you where you bought this car? My American friend says its from America." After that the man said wait and he came to the door. We talked for 25 minutes after that about how the car is slightly illegal. Haha that is actually a really funny story. But he told us to come back anytime, if we wanted a ride, come anytime. If we wanted to go to his farm and play, come back anytime. He listened to our message and asked us questions. This was all because we had a BRT. If we show people we aren't there just to shove a message down their mouth, they begin to realize we are just normal people.

Talk to you next week!

Jameson Choro

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