Monday, March 31, 2014

Learning how to share a bean


So things are going well right now. The 3 man companionship is awkward but i'ts good. My bean gets to see how 2 different missionaries dendo. Sometimes it is bad because the other companion always (district leader) tells me how I should train my bean. Each person will train differently and it's only been about 3 or 4 days so there can't really be all that much information passed, especially when they still have jet lag. But it's good to have someone else. As a young missionary still (kinda young) I don't fully understand things so if luck has it, he will understand if I don't.

My Companions name is Elder Knighton. its funny because sometimes I say "nighty night Knighton". A little goofy but it's okay. We seem like things are going to go really well (our relationship.)  He is a 6'4" giant and it's really hard to find a bike. We have to go to Fukuoka on Friday to buy it so until then, we are walking everywhere.

Saying goodbye to Mabuchi
It was definitely sad to see Mabuchi go. He did say I love you at the end. That made me feel like I accomplished something.

My bean is pretty awesome. People listen to us more just because of his effort to talk. Yesterday we found 3 potential investigators with return appointments for tomorrow because he started the contact.

He knows a lot and soon things will be running in full motion. I want to help him so much so that he can become the best missionary he can become after I leave.

My giant of a bean!

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