Sunday, April 6, 2014

If you ever fall, we will come and pick you up

Our little outfit of 3 is pretty good. I'm not too great with asking questions to people, but Elder Lee is really good at that. I'm good with application and examples from my life, in which Elder Lee isn't the best at. We are having Knighton start contacts and as the contact goes on we urge him to speak. If he doesn't know, we just translate a little bit.

Fortunately for me, Elder Lee knows the area really well, I don't. To be honest Mabuchi and I only really went to one place all the time. A 600 apartment complex that we would hammer. Now we have many potential investigators and a few investigators there. (But it's kinda far by bike. Right now we don't have a bike for Elder Knighton because he is so huge so we are walking and it is too far to walk to.) So basically we are using Elder Lee's area mostly and finding in new places.

Unfortunately we don't have many investigators. Mabuchi did a lot of finding but didn't really find anything. The only investigators that Elder Lee has is ( what we believe to be) a mafia member and a prostitute. It's funny to joke about but in reality it's the people in the worst situations that can need to gospel the most.

Other than that we have this Chinese man that we can't really communicate with. We have to use both English and Japanese to explain things but i don't know how much he can understand.

Elder Knighton is adjusting really well. He has an incredible memory. He probably has a better understanding of the area than I do. He is actually leading us to places now. I got an extremely good bean. He is pretty good. He is blowing mine and Elder Lee's mind everyday.

This week we didn't have all that much luck finding mostly because we needed to meet certain potential investigators or investigators. Since we didn't have bikes it was a little taihen. But let me tell you about fast Sunday. That is something that really has been one of the best days in my mission so far.

So that "Danny" Nakamura leaves for America today and for a last effort attempt, he called one of our eternal investigators and a less active to come to church. Randomly that rich guy I told you about a few weeks ago showed up. He just comes to church randomly but since he has a sickness we don't know if he can be baptized. But at the end of church, well after the sacrament, the less active shows up. She walks through the door, (I didn't hear her but I heard the member next to me slightly turn and gasp) and I turned and smiled at her. She came and sat next to me. During the meeting all of the speakers addressed what I wanted to say to her so it was perfect, I just said "oh speaking of that blah blah bah." After church ended, the investigator showed up. It turns out the investigator and the less active are extremely great friends. They kept saying how they wanted to hang out and go to eikaiwa (English class) and maybe church together. We set an appointment to meet the investigator after eikaiwa on Wednesday.

After that, we came to a part of the church where the church members gather food for the missionaries on fast Sundays. They gathered so much food we only need to spend around 40 to 50 dollars compared to the 120 each week.

We started to dendo and sometimes I ask people "do you think God doesn't exist?" in oreder to get them saying possitive answers. One guy said "no I believe God is real. That he created out spirits and that we can receive help from him. It turns out his English is alright too so we invited him to eikaiwa and he said we can come back again. Please pray for Ryouta.

Then a house nearby a lady came to the door and smiled and said hello again! One second I'll be right back. She left the door and all 3 of us just looked at each other confused. She came back and said "oo my daughter, who is a member (of our church) is busy but please come again." Confused we said okay and walked away. Please pray for Mihou.

We dendoed more and met some more people. They all were very nice yesterday. One of our last contacts was an old lady who lives by herself. She says she often falls and can't get up so she stays there until someone comes to help. I gave her our number and said, "if you ever fall, we will come and pick you up" and shared a message about how Christ can do the same. I hope she can accept our message.

All in all we met a lot of amazing people yesterday. The power of fasting really does work. If you just go to work and forget that pounding headache and the grinding stomach, you can see many miracles.

Love you!!!


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