Tuesday, April 22, 2014

There WAS Christianity in Japan!

Sorry I didn't email yesterday. We had interviews with President and we moved our pday to today.

When I look back on this week, we didn't have a lot of time or rather a lot of things did not occur.

I do want to say something that happened from last week that I forgot to say. We had a man call us randomly and said he wanted to meet at the church. Apparently awhile ago he took lessons from the missionaries and looked at the font. He has been searching in Kumamoto some old ruins. These ruins dated back to around the time of Christ. In these ruins, there were font replicas. He showed us some pictures and they looked almost like out font except that it was made out of stone.

It goes to show that there was Christianity in Japan years ago. Christ did visit these people and they did teach his doctrine. Not only that but the Japanese people have relatives that have a burning testimony of Christ. It's just finding that connection through all the lost generations.

We did a lot of finding this week and we were able to meet some awesome people, one of which gave us 30 dollars to offer to God. We denied it at least 8 times but she started to get really offended so we gave it to the branch president on Sunday.

Since the college has started up again, we have been starting to house at the college apartments more. We have some young potential investigators and they are super fun. I feel bad now because I almost only want to talk to young people because honestly they aren't nearly as rude as the older people. Actually they aren't rude at all. We say we are from a Christ church and they say "oh really?" instead of "go away". It opens a lot more opportunities to share the gospel.

There was a drunk man that ripped poor Elder Knighton apart. I kept defending him but Elder Knighton had a hand in his pocket and was in a slacked position. Because of this, the man became really offended and got in his face. I tried many times to turn the conversation away from it but he kept going back and started to shove an umbrella at Knighton. As i recount it, i honestly am really frustrated thinking about it.

We are finding some very kind people. Very kind people. We went with the branch president on Sunday and visited that less active we found weeks ago finding. She was sick but we met the member son J. He came to the door and was super genki. He almost freaked out because he remembers Tanaka Kaichou from when he was a boy. He has Sundays free and he might come to church. He would also be a perfect base to start up the young people in the ward and would be a great friend for A. san.

Speaking of which, she didn't come to church on Sunday. I think she found her Catholic church. She can still be baptized on the 10th but that means she has to come to church the next two weeks and take all the lessons in that time. I don't want to rush that and I want her to have a lasting conversion. But we have a lunch appointment with her on Saturday. Hopefully we can get some message in and through that she can start to develop that faith.

Things are starting to move I think. Its hard to look at the numbers at the end of the week and see no progress. But from president's wife, she said to us, "sometimes you are called because of your love and patience." Maybe I have been called to love every area. Then when it needs to be, the ward will grow.

Speaking of which, I don't know if I said this already but I heard from Elder Jensen that the mom of the less active in Miyako came to church the other week. Soon I hope she will be baptized!

Please pray for the work in Japan!

Elder Jameson

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