Monday, April 28, 2014

I can see the want in their eyes

My body is starting to decay. I'm so tired all the time. No matter how hard I work out in the morning, it doesn't compare to what i can do in the gym. When I come home I'll probably be a little scrawny. I hope that won't happen.

I did get the package. Elder Lee scoffed at the socks and said they were too girly. I saw him rocking them out during personal study the other day. I giggled in the inside.

The bike for Knighton helps so much. We are able to visit so many more places. The only bad thing is sometimes Elder Lee rides so fast, he can't stop to contact people. My  bike is actually really small because that was the best I could buy on Miyako. I can't go all that fast. I get to contact the people he passes by and I get to meet some awesome people. I contacted this old man who actually has been to our church and liked our teaching. The only thing is that he feels he hasn't received direct help form God. I told him that most of the time God helps us through other things and people. I told him to think of cases like that. Then he went on his way.

This week we went to more of the college students apartments. We don't want to make a sudden attack of all the houses. We gradually want to work our way in. We contacted a man on the street where we set an appointment for Wednesday at 6. His name is Y. He is Christian and he wants to talk more about Christ. He is a college student as well.

College students are either really friendly or just straight up weird. The friendly ones I have great conversations with. But the weird ones either try to outsmart you (on beliefs of God... which is funny because they actually know little about the subject) or just sit there like a brick wall. But they all have great hearts and I can see the want in their eyes. It just sounds weird to them.

The other day this 60 year old woman let us inside her entry way. She gave us milk. (which was the bom-dot-com) We talked about God a little bit but what she was really interested in was trying to set us up with her 30 year old daughter who is a nurse and apparently pretty good at English. When we told her our age she giggled with embarrassment.

We had a lesson with the mom who loves video games. It was awesome because Elder Knighton had some great idea how to involve it. Because of him we have a lunch appointment with her later today.

A did not come to church. We did eat lunch with her and got to know her pretty well on Saturday. The thing is, I don't know if we are just becoming friends and we can't share the gospel. We want to share it but we don't want to be overly persistent. We are just looking for the right time to open it up to her. I want to do it in the next two weeks.

Over all we were able to visit some potential investigators that we haven't been able to visit in a while. One of which is a family named K. it turns out that the family is just an older sister with her two younger brothers. They in turn like to hear us and things are going well with that. The girl, I think, is providing for the family so its near impossible to meet. She is the main focus with regards to that family.

Yesterday we met with that less active who we found by accident a few weeks ago. She was super genki. She said that she is Protestant because the churches where she lived (she went to college in America) were all Protestant. There wasn't really any church members. She also said that she thinks since all Christians believe in the bible, it doesn't really matter what church she is in. So we just want to teach her more about the Book of Mormon again. She said we can teach her less active son who apparently rejoiced that the fact he saw the branch president, and also her 11 year old daughter who has not been baptized. Things look good for that.

I want to stress the importance of updating records. I went to talk about some less actives with my Branch President and he said that they either moved away or this or that happened. A lot of the records don't have information about them since 2002. That's kinda hard to work with. I'm going to review all the records with Tanaka Kaichou soon.


Jameson Choro

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