Monday, March 17, 2014

Getting a peanut butter fix

Helloo all!

We all got our Lesson Mastery Pins!
(Thank you to Babcock Shimai for the photo from her blog!)
So this past week has been weird. Weird... not weird just interesting. We had a zone tai kai where the president taught us how to be better missionaries. It helped me and it was good to see some of my MTC district people again. I have 4 in my zone.

Wednesday was awesome! So we have our eikaiwa on Wednesdays. (English class) Two major things happened this day. One lady we found during last week showed up. It turns out she has perfect English. She is amazingly hilarious and loves to learn. This next part (to me is very important) is that she works at Costco. I asked her if i could get a fix of peanut butter. She said yeah if you give me money I'll buy what you want. So we now have a fix of american food in our apartment. Jokes aside, she has friends that are interested in learning English and maybe the gospel. So she is going to be bringing them along.

After eikaiwa, one of our class members pulled us aside and said "teach the first vision" (in English). We were stunned and confused but we just started to teach two women about our message. One was already an investigator but now her friend is an investigator. They might come to church next week for our branch tai kai. But the crazy thing is that the member asked our previous investigator if she has ever prayed if the Book of Mormon was true. She said no and he said "okay well come to my house, we will do it together." The member is a stud.

We taught the rich man (I talked about the other week) a little bit of the Book of Mormon. He has such a pure heart. He is a little mental but he has one of the kindest and most pure hearts ever. :)

Friday we drove up with that member (eikaiwa member) to visit a less active return missionary and his wife. The thing is he served in Iizuka 32 years ago. Same time as dad. He was on his mission when they changed the mission length back to 24 months. He and his wife were married in the Salt Lake temple. As to why he became less active, no one knows. But the ward has some sense of what happened. Anyways. the visit was like this... he just put up with us and when time was up, he wanted us out. It's weird because he used to be a great missionary. It's interesting to look at him. It's like looking at a car that you know is powerful but the engine isn't on. He once was an amazing man. You look at him and you can feel that power. But at the same time, he is empty on the inside. It's somethings I have been thinking quite a bit about. It's hard to see something like that.

We have been doing a lot of finding and we have a lot of Potential Investigators but we need to change them into investigators. The other Elders investigator came to church for like 10 minutes yesterday and they have many people wanting to come. So we are hoping we can do the same.

Talk to you next week!

Elder Jameson

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