Monday, February 24, 2014

Mabuchi, the master teacher

Helloo! Wow are you guys today! I'm just doing great!

Dylan is being a bad friend. He hasn't sent me anything or emailed me really! Some of my friends as well! They say they will send me love but don't! it really hurts! I'm actually getting really mad at Brenna. She has had 8 months and not one letter has been sent to me. She has had so many snow days. no letter. I sent her a birthday present for crying out loud! (A VERY long letter from Brenna was sent in the mail last week.)

Anyways, enough of the banter. I want to talk about my week.

So Mabuchi uses strong language to explain himself. (Strong as in straight forward). He gets to the point and it helps actually a lot. If he doesn't like something, he will let you know. That is something that I have just come to love.

This transfer, I believe, is going to be great! Mabuchi is a master teacher and great speaker. I can't keep up in the lessons. He usually will ask me a question so I can help but it is seriously a level up in Japanese. Funny story to come. I figured the way to show him that I want to help him, is through his English.

Since I have told him I want to try to make his English better... I mean I love to teach English. I think that is my favorite part of Iizuka right now. they have an amazing eikaiwa class that I love just telling stories in. For some reason I'm remembering stories so easily. I can just talk for the entire class based off their questions. But anyways, I am actually pouring my heart out to help his English. Today I told him I hope we are together for another transfer so I can teach him more English.

It took me a while to come to this point and it took a lot of talking to gain his trust but I worked him good. I feel like our relationship is better now. But the price of that is that we weren't able to dendo all that much this week. Granted we had a crazy weird week where there wasn't a lot of time to begin with but the fact still remains that we used time to build our companionship unity. I feel bad about that but at the same time it was needed.

So 2 cool stories. One with M. So the whole Japanese level up is extremely hard. We were talking to this 18 year old kid and I knew we were trying to set up a return appointment but the subject changed and I couldn't follow them. All of a sudden the boy opened the door and walked in. Mabuchi followed. I was so confused as to why we were going inside but it all worked out.

Second story is we found a potential investigator the other day. We contacted him like normal. I don't know why I'm reporting on him but I had a strong feeling he will receive baptism. He told us his hobby was eating so that is great. Mabuchi loves to cook and eat. So we said we wanted to eat and talk more. The man said he will see but I have a feeling things will work out!

Iizuka is a little rough. we cant get out much before a "no" from the people, but that's okay. We keep going. Since i have a Japanese companion, suddenly everyone can't understand me. They keep saying "what??? huh??? I can't understand you?!!?" It is annoying but Mabuchi is so awesome it doesn't really matter in the end.

That's all I have really about this week. President came to Iizuka and did weekly planning for the other elders and took us out to dinner. It was good to be there with him!

Jameson 長老

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