Monday, February 17, 2014

Dendo in Fukuoka

Most of Jarom's email was responding to ours. We started off with questions about his transfer.

1. Where did Rogers go? (Rogers Choro is his MTC companion who has been serving on an island south of Miyako.)

He is training in ishigaki still

2. Tell me about Mabuchi. Is he a DL? How long has he been in Iizuka? 

He is. He is transfer 14. He has 3 more transfers until he returns home. He has been here for 2.

3. In your new apartment, how many Elders are there?

4 elders... it just went 4 man

4. Do you have sisters in your area? Do you know any of them?

In my area, no. But in my zone I know almost all the sisters. There are like 2 I don't know.

5. Tell me about Iizuka. Is it a branch, a ward?

Branch about 20 members

6. Is it cold? Is there a Costco near you? (maybe you can borrow a card and get some peanut butter and protein!)

There is a Costco in my zone but not near me.

7. Please tell me about leaving Miyako.

Will do.

8. Are you happy?

I guess I am happy. I'm so sad to leave the island but this place needs help. There are a ton of potential investigators but no investigators.

 9. Will you be able to go to the temple?

In the future yes.

So on Wednesday and Tuesday I said goodbye to a lot of the members and investigators. I left most of the doorsteps crying. I really have such a deep connection with the people here. They are something really special.

I traveled to Naha, Fukuoka, and then to Hakata train station all by myself. That was about 5 hours of traveling. It was alright but once I got to Hakata I didn't know where to go. I walked around for a bit. I was totally lost. So I stopped and asked a man if I could borrow his cell phone. I had the ap's number memorized so I called them. They told me some directions and I didn't know the area so I got lost again. I borrowed another cell phone and they told me to wait and they will send some people to me. Then I paired up with Mabuchi. He is extremely blunt and honest to the point of saying that my Japanese sucks and that I have a low likelihood of becoming good.

He doesn't really like people according to the older elders in the apartment but once he gets to know you things get better. But all in all I think it will become better. I have lots of hope things will change.

The past couple of days have been great. We had a Stake Conference and we had a zone p-day after it. So we stayed in Fukuoka and did some dendo around there. I went with someone on my transfer and someone on the transfer below me. We found some amazing people, 2 of which said they would come to church on Sunday. It's crazy that if you just try to talk to everyone you can, you can meet someone who will be ready. We met this Australian that used to hang out with the missionaries all the time. He said he would come to Iizuka and talk to us. He used to be a Lutheran Priest. A really amazing guy. Bot only that but I got to see about half of my district from the MTC these past couple days, one of which we have talked about getting an apartment at BYU after the mission.


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