Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Transfer news!

Hello family and friends!!!

In regards to transfer calls, I don't think I'll get them until late again tonight. They don's give us much time to pack and say goodbye. That has been the case every transfer. We have been getting less and less time. But I have a feeling I'm done in Miyako. (We got a quick email telling us that Jarom has been transferred to Iizako Japan. He is going to the main land, where it is MUCH colder!)

I was able to meet a group of friends form the MTC this past Friday because of a conference with Aoyagi 長老 from the 70 who did a mission wide tour. So we flew up to Okinawa and we met all the missionaries on Okinawa. Elder Rogers and I have been on our islands for 6 months now and we think we are done. I was on the phone with him last night because we were trying to set up a skype call for today since it is usually done on Tuesdays to have our district meeting. But I have a strong feeling that we are done.

I want to first say sorry with regards to this wonderful Island. It is a great place. We have so many investigators now that I think about it. We have met so many wonderful people and I have been able to see the blessings poured onto this island. It's sad that it took me this long to realize it. But for that reason I think I'm going to be moved. Once you start to enjoy your area... you`re gone.

Jokes aside. I saw some of the elders on Okinawa and how their companionships are. I'm grateful to have Elder Jensen as my companion.

We had that huge conference we went to but from last week up until yesterday night, we had 6 lessons. 3 of which we watched the Joseph smith first vision.

Y. we gave him a Joseph Smith pamphlet to read. We followed up and he had read it but we only had 5 minutes to talk to him. He said he didn't believe the vision but he still has interest so we want to continue to teach around the vision.

M. He is a 19 year old kid that was a son of an investigator who died. We want to teach him and to make an impact in his life. He has a "whatever" feeling to everything he does so we try to ask him some of the most inspired questions ever and he just shrugs them off.

J. the Fiji man. We went to his house and only had 30 minutes so we watched the Joseph Smith First Vision with him. We asked him how he felt afterwards. He said he got goosebumps when Heavenly Father and Jesus appeared to Joseph. We testified that was the spirit.

Next is S. She is the less actives mom. She tends to forget our teachings so we decided to review the first lesson with the Joseph Smith First Vision video. She said she understands our church more and believes that it is true but that she still has some conflict with her husband. He says he doesn't want anything to do with a church that was made in America. He says its an American church.

U. She was the lady who randomly came to church last week. When we met, we thought her knowledge of the gospel was deeper but it seems that she knows little to nothing about our message. But she remembers that when she was little she went to a church and she is trying to find out what church that was so she can once more feel it.

Lastly Y. She is the stubborn investigator who has a lot of potential but has so many questions that its stopping her from progressing. We taught her the importance of coming to church and the Spirit. She said that last week 3 times was enough so I thought of a example of an egg. When you beat eggs you need countless times to beat it in order to make it well mixed. We related that to our testimony. In order to make it "perfect" we have to constantly stir it.  During the lesson I received a thought to give her a promise. This promise is that if she read the Book Of Mormon and pray everyday for the next month, and come to church every week, she can know if this church is true. But only on those conditions. If she can't do it, the promise wont be fulfilled.

Lastly the Fuufu went home and they took us to all these beautiful places last pday. Here are some wonderful pictures!

Jameson 長老

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