Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nothing but beach


Sorry about the pictures. There really isn't anything except the beach here. So if you want dirty rusty apartments and the same looking beach for pictures, I can take more. Other than that there really isn't anything on Miyako.

So. This week. We had a pretty good week. At least we taught a lot of people. We gave out some copies of the Book of Mormon. We did everything we could. We had a baptismal date but that dropped due to her not coming to church this Sunday. But we did get another date for the 4th of January.  

My new companion, we have had lessons with pis and investigators, we really mend well together. we have taught some good lessons. We have a lot of people who are starting to, I think, recognize the importance of this gospel. But they are all stinking scared to come to church! "Oh I can't I got this, I can't, I'm going here, I have my job" Just come to church! We had our lowest church attendance this past week. 10 people. (At the beginning of sacrament) The week before the couple and Gandy and Nakabe left, it almost broke 20. 

SO I have sad news about S. I asked the church member that always joined with us to teach her to call her. Apparently she said that S said she can't come to church because she isn't baptized. Is so amazingly frustrating. Not only that, the member told her that is not true but Elder Gandy and I have told her countless times.

Jameson 長老

These are my hope scriptures from this week.

John 14:15
Joshua 1:5
1 Nephi 20:10-11
1 Nephi 21:14-16

There isn't anything but the beach here..... poor boy! ;)

Do you feel sorry for him yet?

He is eating steak!

New dictionary

Branch President's bike, borrowed since his was shipped with Gandy's

English class

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