Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Miyako!

This, of course, was a long week. But there were some amazing things that happened. Probably Friday was the best day out of the entire week.

SO my 12 days of Christmas people are doing great! We kept stopping by with a scripture about Christ. If we had enough time, we would share part of lesson 2 with him. But we kept giving the children candy of all sorts. Sometimes we would give them presents.

The kids drew some pictures for us and gave us balloon animals. But in one lesson we taught the plan of salvation with Him.... he said that he wanted to be saved! At the end of the meet, he said the prayer.

We met this man named H. He can speak English pretty well. He also teaches volleyball at a local middle school. So this week we went to the school to play volleyball with the kids. We were so bad and all the kids laughed at us. But then we were able to start playing well and then they started to cheer. The kids asked H who we were and he said that we were his brothers. I liked that a lot. He called us yesterday and asked us to help with an English contest. He wants us to read off a story so his students can try to sound like us.

It was a rough week because our amazing investigator S. seemed to just lose contact because she can't be baptized. We went to visit her but the man she is living with said she doesn't have interest anymore. That made me pretty upset.

But yeah, this week was better. I just have to push through it. I don't understand but I just keep talking. Things are hard but We have hope things will be better this next transfer.

On top of what happened this week, we had a lesson with our investigator S. (Same name as our beloved S.) She is the mom of a less active. We taught the word of wisdom. She had a problem with coffee. Well she said she just likes to drink it. So in order to help her stop, we wanted to stop eating chocolate. It was great to help her but we soon realized that a lot of stuff we eat is chocolate... so that was a little awkward. especially because half of my Christmas package was chocolate.

Thanks for the call! Please send everyone my love!

A Christmas morning tradition. 

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