Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Junkai and a chocolate fast

Transfer calls. They will come in a few hours. I don't know if I want to stay or go. I mean this area has been rough but I have been able to learn so much from it. Elder Jensen is so incredibly hard working. He is always working. I haven't ever seen him stop. He is always doing something. The only time I don't see him doing something is when I can hear him fall asleep during morning prayers. That just makes me giggle. We are working so hard and this transfer seriously disappeared.

This week, nothing really happened until the past few days. On Friday we had another junkai. I went with Elder Nara and we had a blast. I asked this lady what she wanted to become when she was young, (she has depression issues) and she said she wanted to die. I just slapped my head and said no that's not what I wanted to hear. She started to say how she was bullied and other stuff when I started to explain how I was bullied as a kid and that through the gospel she can find hope. She really liked that.

This weekend we met a quite a few people. One of which was an old dropped investigator. Her church and our church kinda has the same tree of life story. She said she really liked that part. We asked her to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true.

We had a 2 hour lesson of Q and A with this guy whose name is H. He Can speak pretty fly English so 99 percent of the lesson we can understand. It was great! At the end we got him to pray. He said how grateful he is for our kindness and that we are so patient. My favorite part is that he said "God don't be mad at me if I don't believe"

We went on a long bike ride to the north. We didn't know if an investigator would be home but we just tried. She was home! We taught lesson 3 and invited her to baptism. She said she can't because she can't come to church but maybe in the next two moths she will.

So recently Elder Jensen and I were on a chocolate fast. (They were fasting from chocolate to help a member break her addiction from coffee.) We broke it last night. We called S, the mother of the less active and she told us she dropped it. We asked her if it was hard and she said it wasn't at all. We celebrated and went home and ate tons of chocolate. I got sick but it was a joyous occasion! (Most of his Christmas package was chocolate!)

If I stay for another transfer, we have a ton of people that are just on the line. They just need that witness. JUST COME TO CHURCH as the girl from the district says. They just need that extra witness. I've been thinking of picture models I can draw on the spot to help explain things. I've done one for prophets and prayers. I think that will help. I'm currently thinking of one to use for church. Hopefully things will go well!

SO our zone has been trying to read the Book Of Mormon in this past transfer. I have 3 pages left. I've read the 528 pages in 31 days. I completely blasted through it but I've found so many great scriptures. I have my Preach My Gospel open next to me and I'm just putting in all these references to use. I want to start using scriptures more in lessons to try to show the importance of the scriptures. It has been great!

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