Monday, December 16, 2013

Who knew! Hours of video games paid off!!

So to be completely honest, nothing happened all this week up until Friday. So I've been having it hard lately but we had a companionship exchange with the district leader. We got absolutely nothing done the entire day. But I learned something very important from him. I expressed my concern with the language. And he said "well when we go to church or when we hear conference in our own language... how does that feel?" I of course say it feels great. He responds "that's what we are doing for these people. We are trying our hardest to tell these people in their own language how amazing this gospel is. We in a way are suffering the pains of having to do this. But if you think about it, Its kind of like the atonement. We are suffering the confusion of the language just so others can enjoy it"

Since Friday I have had a better time with the work. Yesterday Elder Jensen said it was one of his funnest times he has had dendoing in a while.

We had a couple of investigators drop this week. Mostly because we accidentally ran into a slightly mental apartment that all wanted to hear the gospel but they couldn't function apparently. So when we went back we were yelled at.

Another case is that a mother was really hantai and she controlled her 30 year old son into calling us to say he wasn't interested. But we asked him if it was because of the mom and he said yes.

But we found this man from New Zealand yesterday. We stood and talked to him for about an hour yesterday. And get this, all those hours of watching those video games paid off. I looked into his house and saw his tv. I saw a pause screen and asked him if it was a certain game. He said yes it was and then we talked about video games for about 20 minutes after that. But we had a great talk. He is brilliant at economics as well so we hit off on that. And he said that we can come over sometime to have some real food because the Japanese skimp out on the "good stuff" as he says. But I'm really excited to be able to start to teach. I think he will like the gospel.

WE visited a less active randomly and he let us in. I was super surprised because I myself haven't visited this guy. Apparently he has forgotten pretty much everything about the gospel. Even how to pray. All he says is that he believes in Christ. But we gave him a Book of Mormon and set a return date. I think he can come back to church. It was a great opportunity.

Lastly last night we met one of our investigators when it was pouring and super windy. When he opened the door he commanded us to come in. It was awesome because we got to meet his wife and enjoy the comfort of indoors.

We have started to do a 12 day of program with 2 investigators. One with our S that for some reason has dropped all communication with us. But we come by and drop off a talk about Christ in her mail slot in her door. I think she reads them because the one from the day before is gone. Another investigator is a man that has had the Book of Mormon for 10 years. We give his kids candy everyday. At the end of the visit we give him a scripture within the Book of Mormon about Christ. I think it is going well because the kids are excited when we come. The man seems happy when we come. Hopefully they are filling Christ's love a little more.

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