Monday, January 6, 2014

Bento boxes and spiritual bombs

Tuesday was transfer calls. We didn't get our calls until 8:45 pm. I'm staying with Elder Jensen but Elder Nara was transferred and we have another bean here in Miyako. His name is Elder Allen. Now all the missionaries are American.

I was a baby for some reason when Elder Nara left. We couldn't really communicate all that well until this past transfer but we have been companions 6 times because of splits and companion exchanges. He left and wrote me a broken English and Japanese note in my bye bye book. He said that I was his best friend. I was surprised to read that. I mean I just hugged him and was kind to him. But yeah I miss that guy. Not only that but I had a lot of respect for him. He could cook so fast! Us Americans were having a hard time cooking for all of us. Our dinner/lunch time increased by 30 minutes because of our inexperience. I typically make the idea of what we are eating and the others make it. I help too but I think about what we will eat during the day.

So this week was long but something changed with Elder Jensen and I when this transfer came around. For some reason as soon as Nara left, something switched in both of us. Unfortunately since it was new years, everyone was busy so we weren't able to get much done. But we had a great time nonetheless.

For example we ran into this lady on Thursday that we started to teach the second lesson. It was at the door step and we said we didn't want to take her time but we wanted to talk to her more. She said "come on in, I have some time!" So we went in and taught her 2 son's, daughter, and her the plan of salvation. It was a great lesson. We probably had the most unity ever teaching that lesson. It flowed so well! Not only that but we got around to hobbies and I told them I wanted to become a famous singer. They asked me to sing for them so I sang Nearer My God To Thee in English to them. That scared me so bad but it was fun. We asked them to be baptized and they said they would think about it.

Y was the guy we found a long time ago and the guy we wanted to do the 12 days of Christmas with. He was on vacation this past week so we went to visit them and we asked him how the Book of Mormon reading was. He said it was great. We asked him what was his favorite scripture. He said all of them. I worked really hard to find him good scriptures so I'm glad that paid off.

So elder Jensen and I realized we have a lot of finding we can do so we decided to start to find more so we can teach more. When we were finding.... we actually ran into a less active that hasn't seen missionaries for a long time. She opened the door and said "it's been a while." I freaked out and said "you said it's been a while?" she said "yeah its been a while!" I then guessed she was a less active. But then she shook our hands. Man she had a vice grip so I thought "there is no doubt she used to be a great member." She is a great member! She made us bento boxes for our break the fast! She also said that she thinks she needs to come back to church she just can't because she works on Sundays but she is always home on Saturday. So maybe we can get her to switch her days around. She is completely amazing. She is reading the Liahona online. She knew about the age drop for missionaries. She even brought up fast Sunday to us. I completely forgot that it was fast Sunday. I have hioe she will come back.

So yesterday we got the bento boxes from this less active. Her name is like the Smith of Miyako. We went to a member's house to teach her son who received lessons a while ago but he moved. Well he came back so we are trying to get him baptized :)  We went to their house.... and in Japanese culture at the beginning of the year they have this party for 20 year olds. It celebrates them becoming "adults" and is kinda like a graduation party for Americans. People come, leave gifts or money, eat food and leave. So we go to their house and the oldest daughter turned 20 so they had a party. They invited us in. We ate food, talked to lots of people, talked to the son, had a great time. Then as we were about to leave, one of our investigators that I haven't seen since October walks in. I freak out, she freaks out, and we started to talk. She said that she has been extremely busy and she is sorry but she wants to talk and meet soon. As I'm talking to her, the member`s husband (who at this time is more hammered than nails) grabs Elder Jensen by the hand and drags him to the adult male table. I was too into the conversation that I didnt see this. Some other person called out to me (this person could speak English pretty well) and said "Jameson Jameson! Your friend is over here! " I look over to see Elder Jensen sitting at the drunk table and the husband waving me over. So we go and sit there and they keep offering us stuff to drink. We just keep saying water. Then they start randomly talking about WW2 and getting really sad. But they kept saying how cute we were. Elder Jensen turned to me and said we need to get out of here. I agreed. So what he did is he slipped the phone behind him, and behind his back I set an alarm to go off in a minute. I turned the sound all the way up as well. So the alarm went off and we said we needed to go. It was super hilarious but man that was crazy. Drunk people are hilarious.

So recently I've been having dreams that I won't receive a baptism on my mission. I've been pretty upset because of those dreams. But last night I had another one of those dreams. So during my personal prayer this morning I asked why I'm having these dreams and to have them please pass because I really want a baptism. 30 seconds into personal study I was reading 1st Corinthians. verse 17 it says "for Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel." I was like dang! The spiritual bomb was just dropped. And I had random fears of teaching recently and in the next chapter Paul says how he was in awful fear and trembling while he was teaching. I thought, if an amazing person is scared, then this is somewhat normal. But he pressed through it.

Yep this is all I can really remember right now so i hope its good!

Jameson 長老

NOTE: On the day we emailed Jarom, we were in the middle of winter storm Ion. We were expecting HIGH temperatures on Monday to be -13 with wind chills at -30 to -50 degrees! This was Jarom's response: Its' still pretty warm here, sometimes it gets a little cold and we complain about it.... but then we realize it is still in the 60's. Haha

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