Monday, January 20, 2014

The gears were turning

I cut my hair today. By myself.... with help on the back and my ears. I'll attach a picture.

This week we didn't have anything happen. We had 4 lessons and one less active visit that didn't really go anywhere. The less active was a member who was baptized and fell away immediately. He forgot everything about the church so we are teaching him little by little again. We wanted to teach him the word of wisdom. He has a lung problem and goes to the doctor a lot. He also smokes a lot....  just drop the pack man. Anyways, we taught it and the lesson was good. What came afterwards was bad. He said he quit the "Christ" because it was too hard. He told us to never come back. Well since there are 2 sets of elders, we will send the other batch to him. ;)

We had a lesson again with Y, the lady who does really deep questions. Well we prepped all week for this lesson. We made a awesome example for the spirit and why it is important. We blindfolded her and told her there was candy in the room. We told her to go find it. She couldn't. The member there was telling her to go the wrong direction. Then with a spray bottle we led her to the candy. After that we taught probably one of the deepest lessons about the plan of salvation. The spirit was so strong there and you could tell the gears were turning. Things were making sense. But we think she was freaking out that she knew this church was true. In order to just pull things apart she threw a fit about some doctrine about Adam and Eve. In the bible and Book of Mormon and other sources, often times it just says Adam. She kept asking for 30 minutes why not Adam and Eve. Why not Adam and Eve. Eventually we said, well when people become married they become one. And not only that, we think that Adam wanted to protect Eve's name just how Heavenly Father protects Heavenly Mother's name.

Things are going well. I ran out of time because I had a lot of emails today. Like 10 more than usual so I rushed through them. Thanks for everything!

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