Monday, January 13, 2014

Teaching and trying to find answers

So the past few weeks have been slow. We haven't able to teach that many people lately. Just when Elder Jensen and I feel like our Japanese has progressed the most and our teaching is the best, we hit this. Don't get me wrong, our Japanese is still terrible. I am having a hard time getting out of a rut that I'm in but we can teach all the lessons just fine. Our lessons lately have been really good. It's just that the lessons have become rare. We only had 3 this past week.

One of which is with Y San! we taught him the gospel of Christ yesterday. We did a lot of examples with him and different ways to explain the message. It was a great lesson. He prayed for us at the end but he said that he won't get baptized until he knows it is true. We said that he needed to pray to find that answer. He said he will just study it out. That is extremely frustrating.

Next was K. She didn't have any religious background before we met but she said she would like to listen. Now, 3 months later, we have barely gotten 4 lessons with her. She is really hard to meet. Because of that Jensen choro wanted to drop her. But I kept defending her saying that her previous lessons were amazing and she really does have heart. So we went to visit her and she wasn't home but she pulled up in her car.... then drove away. We were devastated. We went to another persons house and talked about it. Jensen wanted to drop her again but I said maybe she forgot something. So we went back and she said she just got home but she has time to talk. We taught an amazing lesson of prayer, scripture study, and the importance of the prophet. She said that she believes that Joseph smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true. I gave her a prayer rock like kids have in primary. She said she will try her best to read and pray every night but right now coming to church is a little difficult.

Last lesson this week was with Y. She is a old investigator that we picked up through the area book. She believes that Joseph smith was a prophet and the Book of Mormon is true. She has a deep faith in Christ but her view of the atonement is a little different. She was speaking really fast but I got the basic message of it. (Because we taught the plan of salvation to her) and she started to go on a rant. She would get baptized but her only problem with the message is really deep doctrine that Elder Jensen and I cant explain. It has to deal with why all the people can be saved, but they can't dwell with God. Well we could explain it but not in Japanese. That is extremely deep and how the atonement saves them but not gives them celestial glory. Other than that we gave her a promise at the end. We said we aren't perfect teachers and that we can't answer her questions but Christ's doctrine can and that doctrine can be found in the Book of Mormon. Remember when I doubt, go to the prophets and the Book of Mormon. Then the answer is in God's hands.

We got a recent missionary fuufu and they helped us during that lesson. we need member lessons with that lady. Honestly we would like member presents for every lesson. They help out so much, especially as we are young missionaries.

Being a young missionary I've been trying to figure myself out. What do I need to do to progress. Why did this or that happen to me. Why have been sent to Japan. Why can't I progress as well as others or why am I having this trial.  I'm searching so stinking hard to progress. I can't find it. I'm pressing so hard. I'm trying so hard in prayers. I'm trying to use up every drop of my energy to find that answer. Of course the answer won't be a one answer thing. It will be little things that come over time. But how do I use that? What is my purpose as a missionary? To invite others to Christ. How do I do that? Well... Im still trying to fully figure that out. And I don't know how long it will take to fully comprehend that either.

Until next week.

Love Jameson 長老

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