Monday, November 25, 2013

Transfers, Senior Companion, and a very heavy heart

Sooooooooo Gandy transfered.

And here is the sad thing about it. My heart is heavy. And all I can keep thinking is "I'm sorry I wasn't the best companion and didn't learn everything I could from you."

He transferred to Yamaguchi to be a zone leader. He was an amazing trainer and missionary. He has taught me so much and done so much for Japan. But he said he thinks he was called to prepare Japan. And he thinks that I was called to reap that of which he has sowed.

And here is why I need a dictionary. (An electronic dictionary. They cost around $250.00. Sigh.)

Gandy is gone. And I have a new companion. His name is Elder Joshua Jensen. Joshua Jensen and Jarom Jameson. :) The great thing about this is that we sat next to each other on the plane ride to Uapan. So yeah, he was in my traveling group. We are both senior companions and both transfer 3. 

Who in the right mind would put two extremely young missionaries together like this? 

Even though we are young, we have already seen so many miracles in the past 3 days. One of which is a lady we wanted to see if she read the Book of Mormon. We asked her how it went and she said she knows it is true. I was completely shocked because that was the first person we went to visit as a companionship. She didn't have much time but we gave her a pamphlet to read.

Another case is with regards to Gandy and reaping what he sowed. He went finding at a house and a lady answered the door saying that she was sorry she didn't read the book we gave her. We had no idea what she was talking about. She said about 5 months ago 2 white missionaries gave her a Book of Mormon. That was Elder Gandy and a zone leader during a companion exchange. 

And for some reason or another, I haven't had much success with the family worship religion (The religion the Japanese favor.) But we stopped this old man on the side of the street and he didn't really want anything to do with our religion. But some way or another he found some interest in the Book of Mormon and he then said he wanted to read it. 

I could go on about the little things that has happened but this really has been a crazy past few days. Even though my heart hurts because Gandy is gone, for some reason or another things are going great with finding people.

Funny story. so we are walking right now because... my bike was taken by the mail service. When they took Gandy`s bike, they took mine as well. And so my bike is on its way to Yamaguchi ken and we are left walking. We have walked so much these past few days but we are able to contact so many more people that way.

So cool fishing story. I was reeling in my bait after 10 minutes of nothing. And as it was about to come out I saw this huge 3 foot fish flying towards my bait. I stopped and that thing took hold of my bait. It pulled my rod and I pulled back. That fish went flying out of the water. It was like those pictures you see of amazing fishermen! But unfortunately because of that, mid air it came undone. 

That's all for now. And I promise I'll shop wisely. (For the $250 dictionary) I have an Asian with me :)
PS. Nakabe transfered to Saga. we have 3 Americans here. So I think we will go to KFC for Thanksgiving.

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