Monday, November 11, 2013

Companion Exchanges with Rogers Choro

Elder Gandy and I went to Ishigaki the other day for companion exchanges. That's the island where Rogers 長老 is so I got to be companions with him one more time. That was a blessing.

Elder Rogers & Elder Jameson
The first night we were there, we were heading back to the apartment around 8:55. So all 5 of us were outside the apartment. this random old guy starts to ask Gandy if God exists and said yes I do believe He lives and all that stuff. Then this man starts to yell at us telling us Chirst is down here (motions to the ground) and says that his religion is up here (motions to above his head) and commanded us to study his religion. But what was frustrating is that he kept saying that he didn't deny what we were saying, just that his religion was the best and commanded us to study it. It was sad because we had a Japanese companion with us and he starts to yell at him.

junkai Ishigaki
During the junkai Ishigaki saw so many miracles!
It wasn't fair! Mostly because we came home and nothing really seems to be changing. The couple missionaries said the branch is in a terrible spot and they said they felt bad for us because we are working extremely hard. Random note, it is still flipping hot. I'm sweating my eyes out still. when will it become cooler? (He is on a tropical island. The answer to that question is, when he gets transferred!)

I found out a lot about the less actives this week and for some reason all of them won't come back unless another one comes to church. We narrowed it down to one less active member. The thing is, no one knows what happened to him. It seriously seems like he disappeared. No one can find where he is or even if he is alive.

So some other news. The other day I talked about how we met the less actives mom when we went to visit him? Well she has received 2 lessons and she is thinking about baptism. But the thing is that the less active comes to the lessons as well and sometimes he isn't the most helpful person ever. Like us - "have you felt the spirit?" Him - "not yet", or us - "how did you feel after you were baptized" him - "nothing". It is really stressful. But it is good he is helping a bit.

Jameson 長老

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