Monday, November 4, 2013

Your faith is thin

I have always wondered what happened to the Miyako branch. 6 years ago there were a lot of members, around 40 or 50, but something happened and now there is only 15 or so are active. I keep asking what happened.

I actually started to read in the bible this week and I think it was in Matt 13 or 14 where the scribes say that Jesus casts out spirits by the power of the devil. And Jesus says to them something along the lines of "how can a house fight against itself? If it does that it will be destroyed." This is the same case as with Miyako. They need to be united before they can then grow.

One story I found interesting was the story of Jesus walking on the water. It is so simple but for some reason it hit me hard this week. It just says "lord, save me" and says and immediately he reaches out and catches him. and says you have little faith.

I read it in the Japanese bible and It kinda gave me a different viewpoint. It literally says your faith is thin, why did you doubt?

In some cases people think of it as Jesus kinda reprehending Peter. But this time I saw it as a sad story. Peter was doing something amazing and he faltered and fell. And Jesus said "why did your faith fail? Why did you doubt? You were going so far, you were accomplishing so much, you saw the things you were doing and yet why did you doubt?" It really pressed my heart as I read it. And made me think, why do we doubt? When we doubt, Heavenly Father and Jesus are always going to be there and will save us but they are sad that they had to. They are sad when we don't have the faith to continue on our own.

Some random pictures.

I caught a fish that has two eyes on one side.


Me in my rain gear.

Jameson 長老

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